Bald Eagles 白頭ワシ  日本語  |  Letter 32            Raptors  |  Golden Eagle photo

Bald Eagles |  2  Bald Eagle Up Close    Feb. 13. 2005

Young Bald Eagle   August 28, 2011

Young Bald Eagle flying over Lake Harriet   April 17, 2012

Bald Eagle Photos:  1:  A Bald Eagle standing on ice near open water     2:  A Bald Eagle checking out its reflection in the water surface.   3  Red-breasted Mergansers swimming in front of the Bald Eagle
April 2, 2019

Eaglets in the nest:   1  |   2     二羽の白頭ワシの赤ちゃん(若い白頭ワシ)の巣立ち近し:若いうちは、頭が白くない 

A Bald Eagle stands on the ice  March 15, 2012.  白頭ワシ、Phalen湖の氷の上で、休む

Other Wild Bald Eagles  
Raptors & Release(鷲、鷹、隼、ふくろう等;野生生活に再挑戦)The Raptor Center, St. Paul, MN
10234 150930  2015 Fall Raptor Release Photos:  Bald Eagle:  1a  |  1b (Up-Close)  2  |  3  |  4  a few seconds later  
10215 150926  2015 Fall Raptor Release Photos:  Bald Eagle:  1a  |  1b (Up-Close) 
Morning Release: 1 Broad-winged Hawk, 2 Cooper's Hawk, 3 Bald Eagle
Education Birds from Raptor Center: Bald Eagles, a Turkey Vulture, a Peregrine Falcon, Kestrels, Red-tailed Hawks, Great Horned Owls, a Northern Saw-whet Owl
We also spotted a young Bald Eagle overhead in circles and a mysterious hawk overhead.

Bald Eagle's Huge Nests  白頭鷲の巨大な巣(重さが、2トン...

Decorah Eagle Nest Cam, Iowa <両親ワシと赤ちゃんワシのリアルタイムビデオ   

Early March: "Soar With The Eagles" National Eagle Center - Wabasha, Minnesota

Eagle Diet & Feeding  National Eagle Center - Wabasha, Minnesota, Wabasha, MN

15938 191013  Condor vs golden eagle - YouTube
Golden Eagle VS Andean condor, WHO WOULD WIN Did you know - YouTube

15869 190918  Fighting of Golden Eagle and Cinereous Vulture, Fighting on the ground. - YouTube
Cinereous vulture - Wikipedia
Gobi Altai Mountains mountains, Mongolia
Mongolia | Culture, History, & People |
Golden Eagles are larger than Bald Eagles, but Cinereous Vultures are larger than Golden Eagles.
Always a Bigger Fish - The Phantom Menace [1080p HD] - YouTube  Star Wars
California condor - Wikipedia

Golden Eagle  |  Bald Eagle  |  Vulture

15771 190818  video-of-bald-eagle-catching-muskie-on-st-croix-goes-viral/  CBS, Aug. 15, 2019, Minnesota; filmed by Dan Goff, Woodbury, MN
Bald Eagles  |  Fishing

15278 190307  Minnesota DNR Eagle Cam ~ Squirrel Brought To Nest As Breakfast ESCAPES! ~ Morning Mating 1.12.19 - YouTube
Nature Notes  2019  |  Bald Eagles  

15223 190220  Decorah North Nest | Eagles in the snow ~ 02-17-2019 - YouTube  Decorah, Iowa
Decorah Eagles Cam - watch live footage of Bald Eagles |
Nature Notes  2019  |  Bald Eagles 

15036 181230  WATCH VIDEO: Rogue bald eagle lands on Notre Dame fans after national anthem - YouTube
Incredible video the eagle landing on a random Notre Dame fan - YouTube
Eagle Lands On Fan At 2018 Cotton Bowl! Clemson vs Notre Dame! - YouTube


10672 160106  Nature Notes Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) Singing Behavior | Sensory Ecology
Bald Eagle Sounds - YouTube 

Nature Notes 2016
10659 160103  Nature Notes: Washington County, MN: Crows scavenging, a Barred Owl flying, a Deer almost crossing the road - once it saw our car coming, it stopped running and turned back; a smart deer, a Gray Squirrel crossing the road, three red-tailed hawks, a pair of bald eagles perching on a tiny branch side by side while sometimes making calls (Gary, thank you for info), a female Cardinal, a Chickadee,
Several people enjoyed cross-country skiing at dawn.
crow scavenging - Google Search  photos
barred owls flying - Google Search  photos
Why did the deer cross the road? - The Boston Globe
Photos:  Eagles  |  Owls  |  Deer  |  Cross-county skiing 

10314 151019  Birds of Prey | Audubon
Raptor Release  | 

8874 150329  Bald Eagle eating fish caught on the JawJacker, JawJacker Video - YouTube  Alaska?
Amazing spy video of Bald Eagles eating fish on the ice of Lake Nipigon - YouTube  Canada
Do Eagles Grind Down Their Beak & Talons? Animals - PawNation

A raptor uses its talon as a fork and its beak as a knife.
Bird of prey - Wikipedia  Birds of prey, aka raptors  - for example, eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls.

8869 150328  Nature Notes  Ring-billed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Trumpeter Swans, Canada Geese, Red-winged Blackbirds (calls), Chickadees (calls), Northern Cardinal calls, Mallards, Gadwalls, Bald Eagles, one of the bald eagle parents sitting on the nest, a young Bald Eagle hunting, some ducks are too far to identify; two Beaver Lodges    Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Bald Eagle catches salmon - YouTube

Nature Notes 2015
  |  Spring Fun

8682 150307  Think spring, eagles. Think spring.  ABC, 03/05/2015  (Julie, thanks for info)
Pennsylvania Game Commission - State Wildlife Management Agency  Bald Eagle Live Stream, Hanover and Pennsylvania Bald Eagles video
DNR EagleCam  Live video, Minnesota DNR  "Two eaglets are being raised in the nest."
Decorah Eagles, Ustream.TV And now there are Three Eggs!!  Decorah, Iowa

7053 140829  Bald Eagle Toddler has a new toy! - YouTube

3313 130907  "Bald Eagles"  Bald Eagle catches salmon - YouTube
American Eagle - Documentary - YouTube
A bald eagle swoops down and catch a fish - Bing Images
We've seen a bald eagle fail to catch a fish on the Mississippi. Hope we'll be able to see a bald eagle to catch a fish someday. BTW, we've seen an osprey catching a fish at a lake."

our Nature Videos

5718 140420 
Eagle huntress  (Yahoo)
Geography of Kazakhstan - Map of Kazakhstan -
Falconer & Hawks - photo page  
Golden Eagle  - photos

7215 140920  Pesticides - DDT - Rachel Carson - Silent Spring - YouTube
Rachel Carson Biography  Academic, Environmental Activist, Biologist, Journalist (1907–1964)
Rachel Carson - Wikipedia
Silent Spring - Wikipedia 
A song about the return of the bald eagle, Rachel Carson and DDT - YouTube
Bald Eagle photo page
Rachel Carson Didn't Kill Millions of Africans  -  How the 50-year-old campaign against Silent Spring still distorts environmental debates.  -  Slate, William Souder, 09/04/2014
Michael Crichton on DDT - YouTube

Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Rachel & Steve have successfully raised their three chicks in 2014.
Ospreys return to Maine nest; webcam lets you watch up-close - The Portland Press Herald - Maine Sunday Telegram  04/23/2014  " 'Rachel', the mom osprey is named after Rachel Carson, a well-known conservationist, whose book “Silent Spring” is credited with advancing the global environmental movement. 'Steve', the dad osprey is named in honor of Steve Kress, director of the Hog Island Audubon Camp and the founder of Project Puffin.   our Osprey photo page
Dr. Steve Kress, VP, Bird Conservation Director, Seabird Restoration Program - National Audubon Society
6140 140527  May 27, 1907  Happy Birthday Rachel Carson!  RACHEL LOUISE CARSON Google lets fly a Doodle true to ‘Silent Spring’ writer’s nature  (Washington Post, Michael Cavna, 05/27/2014)
Rachel Carson Biography
Rachel Carson - Wikipedia  - 
American marine biologist and conservationist whose book Silent Spring and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement.
6983 140820  April 26, 1785  Happy Birthday John James Audubon!  John James Audubon Biography  an American ornithologist, artist, and naturalist  (April 26, 1785 - January 27, 1851)  Birds of America (London, 1827)
American Masters . John James Audubon | PBS  Ken Chowder
National Audubon Society - Wikipedia
John James Audubon - Wikipedia

Birds of America by John James Audubon - YouTube
Birds  |  Art

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