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Turkey Vulture     ヒメコンドル*
Turkey Vulture soaring on thermals:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4    ヒメコンドル上昇気流に乗り、旋回中

Turkey Vulture (Education Bird)               from 2011 Fall Raptor Release

Photo:  1  Turkey Vulture spreading its wings (Front View)  |  2  Turkey Vulture (Side View)   |  3  Turkey Vulture (Rear Review)  日光浴のため、両翼を広げるヒメコンドル

Turkey Vulture        from 2003 Spring Raptor Release

For more info on a "Turkey Vulture", click here. (Cornell Lab of Ornithology - All About Birds)
* Turkey Vulture (Wikipedia)

Raptor Force - Thermal vs. Dynamic Soaring

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Golden Eagles are larger than Bald Eagles, but Cinereous Vultures are larger than Golden Eagles.
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