Photo 1        Here is a pic of a Turkey Vulture, an education bird from Raptor Center. Wow, Cool! We've never seen a Turkey Vulture spreading its wings on the ground before. A naturalist there told us, "Turkey vultures spread their wings to sun themselves to clean their wings," which we didn't know.  For more info on why turkey vultures spread their wings, click here:  1  |  2   This pic was shot at the 2011 Fall Raptor Release, Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center, Hastings, MN, on September 24, 2011.  Turkey Vulture (ヒメコンドルハゲタカの一種)は、太陽が出てくると、翼を広げて、翼のバクテリアを殺します。詳細は、1  |  2  僕たちは、初めて、ヒメコンドルが、翼を大きく広げ、日光浴を長くしているのを見ました。ヒメコンドルは、翼を広げると、ずっとカッコイイですね
Photo:  1  Turkey Vulture (Front View)  |  2  Turkey Vulture (Side View)   |  3  Turkey Vulture (Rear Review)    More Turkey Vulture photos
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