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Pond Life
1  American Toad's Tadpoles ガマのオタマジャクシ |  2  Pond Snail カタツムリ 3  Predaceous Diving Beetle's Nymph  ゲンゴロウの幼虫 池の生き物観察プロジェクト

Fish (魚類)

Other Invertebrates1, 2) 
Tick (怖い病気を運ぶ吸血鬼、アウトドアー愛好家のための大切な情報), Slug, ---



12933 170703  The Life in Dead Trees - Nature and Environment - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Wildlife  |  Plants

12519 170329  Oregon hiker could face charges for bringing 'malnourished' bear cub to wildlife center - Yahoo 

9049 150419  Wildlife  newborn baby bird thrown out of nest by sibling or mother | Yahoo Answers
Birds Have Deadly Sibling Rivalries  livescience, 09/26/2006
Siblicide - Wikipedia
Minnesota:  If find a wild animal who you think might need your help, for example, sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife, take it to the Raptor Center, University of Minnesota  if it's a raptor, otherwise, to the The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota | WRCMN .
Birds  |  Wildlife

8897 150401  Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic, scientists confirm - Telegraph  AFP, 0401/2015
"Blackpoll Warblers"
Tiny Songbird Is a Champion Long-Distance Flier  livescience, 03/31/2015
Top 10 Most Incredible Animal Journeys  livescience, 05/25/20
Wildlife  | 

6780 140728  Asteroid's 'bad timing' killed off dinosaurs, new evidence shows - The Guardian  Ian Sample, 07/27/2014
Asteroid Timing Erased the Dinosaurs  National Geographic, Dan Vergano, 07/28/2014
Dinosaurs 101  National Geographic
Chicxulub crater - Wikipedia
Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event - Wikipedia
Impact event - Wikipedia
Extinction event - Wikipedia

6770 140727  WATCH: How A Team Of Deep-Sea Explorers Found One Of The Ocean's Most Elusive Creatures  TEDTalks  07/18/2014

6745 140724  Raccoon Swimming in the Lake - Photos:  Raccoon Wading  1a / 1b (Up-Close)  Raccoon Swimming  2a / 2b (Up-Close)  Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
On Craig's Birding Walk on July 21, 2014: One of the attendees asked Craig, "Is a raccoon able to swim?" Craig replied, "Yes, a raccoon can swim, and most animals can swim."
Can raccoons swim?  Yahoo Answers
Swimming Raccoon - YouTube
Raccoon (Procyon lotor) Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia
Raccoon - Wikipedia
  Raccoons are native to North America. "We thought they are also native to Japan, but we're wrong."
Ethology - Wikipedia

Raccoon photos
"Are there any animals, which can't swim?"
Can all animals swim - Animals Zone  draganescu, 05/01/2010 ...
Some animals such as people, gorillas and chimpanzees gotta learn how to swim. ...
ethology - Why is that all the animals can swim in water without learning to swim but humans cannot? - Biology Stack Exchange

Who Says Cats Can't Swim? - YouTube
CAT swimming like a BOSS - YouTube

6732 140723  Bats Set Their Internal Compass at Dusk—A First Among Mammals  (National Geographic, Katie Langin in Weird & Wild, 07/22/2014)

6729 140723  A shark deterrent that mimics orcas - GrindTV.com  Pete Thomas, 07/20/2014

6523 140630  Animals you didn’t know exist - Fox News

6460 140624  Lori Marino: Leader of a Revolution in How We Perceive - Science shows that animals should legally be recognized as persons, Marino argues (National Geographic, Virginia Morell, photographs: Pouya Dianat)

6302 140609  Can rats show regret? - Daily Dose  06/09/2014; Google

6216 140602  Ten Animals of North America  (About.com Animals / Wildlife, Laura Klappenbach)

6136 140526  Injured Moose Causes Country-Wide Debate Regarding U.S. Wildlife Intervention Life  (Auto World News, Matt Mercuro, 05/26/2014)

6021 140516  Can India's Tigers and Tourists Get Along?  National Geographic video

5932 140509  What injured squid can teach us about irritability and pain  (LA Times, Deborah Netburn, 05/08/2014)

5809 140428  Have jellyfish found the fountain of youth? - Videos - CBS News  04/27/2014

5667 140415  Rare baby camel makes his debut at a zoo in Hungary  (Yahoo, AFP, 04/15/2014)

8255 150116  New study links zebra stripes to temperature - AOL.com  01/16/2014
5531 140401  Zebras Have Stripes to Fend Off Flies, New Study Reveals  (Latino Post, Jessica Michele Herring, 04/01/2014)

5503 140330  The 20 Weirdest Animals On The Planet  (Rant Lifestyle, Bake Dailey, 01/06/2014)

3578 130926  Photos: New Animal Species found in 2013  (MSN)

4085 131114  Queen bees tell the whole hive about their sexual flings  (LA Times, Geoffrey Mohan, 11/14/2013)

4159 131126  Animal views - The Washington Post  photos 11/26/2013

4546 131228  FYI: Did Dinosaurs Get The Flu?  (Popular Science, December 25, 2013)  This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Popular Science.

4545 131228  Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? To Create Optical Illusions  (Popular Science, Colin Lecher, December 19, 2013)

4723 140113  Fish Leaps Out of Water and Catches Bird Midair in Viral Video  - Not what you expected, right?  (TIME, Samantha Grossman, 01/12/2014)

4845 140124  Blue sand beach: Glowing surf makes stunning pictures of beach  (MSN News, Will Ho)  Thailand
words: bioluminescence
4768 140117  Video -- Sharks Light Up in Neon Colors  (National Geographic, 01/08/2014)
words: biofluorescent coral, biofluorescent marine fishes
Fish page

5296 140308 
Proposed orca show ban at SeaWorld stirs anger in San Diego  (Chicago Tribune, Tony Perry, 03/08/2014)
Killer whale - Wikipedia  (also referred to as orca whale or orca)
♥♥ 2013 One Ocean Shamu Show at SeaWorld (in HD) - YouTube
Blackfish Official Film Site
California Bill Would Free Orcas at SeaWorld
  (PETA, Michelle Kretzer, 03/07/2014)
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) - Wikipedia

5653 140414  Best US Aquariums - Family Travel Channel  Lisa Singh
Best Aquariums in the USA  (America's Best & Top 10)
10 Largest Aquariums in the World - Touropia  01/21/2014
Top 10 must-see aquariums around the world - The Weather Network  Dalia Ibrahim - Digital Reporter, 12/07/2013
Fish page 


James Kavanagh & Raymond Leung: BUG & SLUGS - AN INTRODUCTION TO FAMILIAR INVERTEBRATES (Waterford Press, Inc., 2002)
2) Natural History Museum

modified:  2017
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