Osprey (ミサゴ)     Ospreys are sometimes called "Fish-Eating Hawks".  ミサゴは、時々、魚を主食とする鷹と呼ばれます

Dad Osprey carrying a fish (Arboretum)  

Osprey Nest:  1  Nest  |  2a / 2b (Up-Close) Two Chicks  |  3  Mom returns  |  4  Mom Osprey  (Coon Rapids Dam Park)

Nest Platform

Mom Osprey and their babies wait for Dad to return with a fish  (Arboretum)

(1) Mom Osprey and the Nest through Telescope (Coon Rapids Dam Park)

(2) Paul's High-Powered Telescope (Coon Rapids Dam Park)

7679 141110  Osprey -- the ultimate fisher - YouTube  Info from TI
Pandion haliaetus, osprey - What do they eat?: 
Ospreys successfully catch fish on 24 to 74% of their dives.
... , University of Michigan, BioKIDS - Kid's Inquiry of Diverse Species

7186 140915 
Rachel, the Mom osprey, and Poole and Pan, the two kids left the nest to migrate south a week ago or so. We hear yesterday, September 14, 2014, both Steve, the Dad osprey and Pia, the daughter also headed south.
Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Bremen, Maine    Audubon
7071 140831  Osprey Cam Web Log: First Chick and Osprey Crops
Osprey chick regurgitates pellet - rare sight - RUTLAND OSPREYS - YouTube
Possible Predator Examples:  Buzzard attacks osprey chick - YouTube
Owl attacks an osprey chick

7044 140828  Aug. 28, 2014  From Audubon - Bird Alert  "We expect the three osprey kids, Poole, Pan and Pia, to begin their migration to South America this week... "
Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Bremen, Maine    Audubon

6996 140822  Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Bremen, ME  "The three young ospreys and their parents will migrate soon."
Rob Bierregaard Migration Chat - Bird Cams - explore

6899 140809  All the baby ospreys, Poole, Pan & Pia, have fledged. Rachel and Steve are the proud parents of the three kids. The three fledglings and the parents sometimes come back to the nest. 
Meet Poole, Pan & Pia the Baby Osprey - Bites @ Animal Planet  (Discovery, Milaena Hamilton, 06/30/2014) 
Rob Bierregaard Live Chat 6-16-14 - Bird Cams  explore  Note: Use Google Chrome to watch the video if Google doesn't work

6881 140807  Pia's Off! - YouTube  posted by Arlene Beech  Info Resources: Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Bremen, ME (Maine)
Pia fledges while her mom is watching her.
This morning the last baby osprey, Pia has fledge! Last night Pia slept on the top of the wooden stick for the first time if we're not mistaken, and we expected her to fledge this morning. But we missed her first flight. Arlene, thanks for posting the video of Pia's first flight.
Maine State
6812 140801 
Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Bremen, ME  The two osprey kids have fledged. Early morning yesterday we saw the three kids with their mom in the nest. We didn't see the very first flights of the two fledglings. We think the last one of the three kids will follow suit soon. Anyways, it's so cool that the two kids were able to fledge. Now the fledglings will have to master fishing skills. Note: "Janet, Thanks for info on the fledglings."
BioKIDS - Kids' Inquiry of Diverse Species, Pandion haliaetus, osprey INFORMATION
Osprey, Life History, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Osprey - Wikipedia
6711 140721 
Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Bremen, ME  (Info from Janet)

7215 140920  Pesticides - DDT - Rachel Carson - Silent Spring - YouTube
Rachel Carson Biography  Academic, Environmental Activist, Biologist, Journalist (1907–1964)
Rachel Carson - Wikipedia

Silent Spring - Wikipedia
A song about the return of the bald eagle, Rachel Carson and DDT - YouTube
Bald Eagle photo page
Rachel Carson Didn't Kill Millions of Africans  - 
How the 50-year-old campaign against Silent Spring still distorts environmental debates.  -  Slate, William Souder, 09/04/2014
Michael Crichton on DDT - YouTube

Osprey - Bird Cams - explore  Rachel & Steve have successfully raised their three chicks in 2014.
Ospreys return to Maine nest; webcam lets you watch up-close - The Portland Press Herald - Maine Sunday Telegram  04/23/2014  "
'Rachel', the mom osprey is named after Rachel Carson, a well-known conservationist, whose book “Silent Spring” is credited with advancing the global environmental movement. 'Steve', the dad osprey is named in honor of Steve Kress, director of the Hog Island Audubon Camp and the founder of Project Puffin.
Dr. Steve Kress, VP, Bird Conservation Director, Seabird Restoration Program - National Audubon Society
6140 140527  May 27, 1907  Happy Birthday Rachel Carson!  RACHEL LOUISE CARSON Google lets fly a Doodle true to ‘Silent Spring’ writer’s nature  (Washington Post, Michael Cavna, 05/27/2014)
Rachel Carson Biography
Rachel Carson - Wikipedia  - 
American marine biologist and conservationist whose book Silent Spring and other writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement.
6983 140820  April 26, 1785  Happy Birthday John James Audubon!  John James Audubon Biography  an American ornithologist, artist, and naturalist  (April 26, 1785 - January 27, 1851)  Birds of America (London, 1827)
American Masters . John James Audubon | PBS  Ken Chowder
National Audubon Society - Wikipedia
John James Audubon - Wikipedia

Birds of America by John James Audubon - YouTube
Birds  |  Art

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