April 22  Earth Day   Letter 57, 189 | レター 57, 189                    Arbor Day

Earth from Space | Earth photo gallery | more Earth photos

Event Examples 

Wishes for the Sky

Minnesota Rock History and Fossil Collecting  090418 Dodge Nature Center  We'll post pix later.

Earth Day Clean Up Events, for example, Minneapolis
Earth Day Clean Up Event photo  Earth Day 清掃イベント

Earth Day Web Sites. For example, Earth Day Network
| Earth Day Japan

14226 180422  Beautiful Photos of All 59 U.S. National Parks
PBS PREVIEWS: NATIONAL PARKS | Extended Preview | PBS - YouTube
Teddy Roosevelt V The National Parks Need Your Help. - YouTube
Keeping Yosemite Green: The Zero Landfill Initiative - YouTube
our National Park page  |  our MN & WI Park and Nature Center page
April 22nd     Earth Day
14225 180422  Silent Spring Movie - YouTube
Rachel Carson and the legacy of Silent Spring | Science | The Guardian

Silent Spring - Wikipedia
Rachel Carson | American Experience | PBS
April 22nd     Earth Day
14224 180421  Naturalist John Muir is born - Apr 21, 1838 - HISTORY.com
John Muir - Wikipedia
Sierra Club - Wikipedia

our National Park page  |  our MN & WI Park and Nature Center page
Scotland  | 
April 22nd     Earth Day 
14223 180421  Earth Day 2018 Google Doodle - YouTube  Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall: What separates us from chimpanzees? | TED Talk
Jane Goodall and Her Chimps - YouTube
April 22nd     Earth Day 
14204 180416     April 22nd     Earth Day
Earth Day 2018: Sustainable Projects from All 50 States  Parade

World Earth Day 2018 theme-END PLASTIC POLLUTION-International Mother Earth day-Animated - YouTube

12635 170423  April 22, 2017    March for Science
April 22  Earth Day   Letter 57, 189 | レター 57, 189    Photos
12622 170420  March for Science  April 22, 2017
Earth Day And The March For Science | NPR
March for Science - Wikipedia

9070  150422  April 22  Earth Day
► Planet Earth: Amazing nature scenery (1080p HD) - YouTube
Planet Earth - Full album - Amazing Music nature scenery video 2015 Discovery Channel BBC new - YouTube
Nature's Eye Candy - Spring Sierra Wildflowers (best viewed t 1080 HD full screen) - YouTube
Parks & Nature Centers including National Parks  |  Wildlife
Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary
Earth day: scientists say 75% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground | The Guardian  04/22/2015
50 Photos that Prove America Truly is Beautiful  MSN Travel, Country Lving
60 photos that will make you love the Earth  MSN
Earth Day: Must know facts  MSN lifestyle
Daily Cartoon Tuesday, April 22nd - The New Yorker  2014
The problem with Earth Day? Human psychology - The Washington Post  04/22/2015
9069  150421  April 22  Earth Day
EARTH - One video you NEED to see - YouTube

Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day - YouTube
GOING GREEN! (Earth Day song for kids about the 3 R's- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! - YouTube
Maya & Miguel Season 2 Episode 16 Every Day is Earth Day - YouTube
Weekly Address: Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored | The White House
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's message at Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day - YouTube
Watch Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day LIVE!!! - YouTube  04/18/2015
Best Deals On Eco-Friendly Cars  auto blog, AOL, 04/07/2015
Earth Day Across America  Parade, 04/17/2015
Disneynature Official Website
Monkey Kingdom (2015) - IMDb
Monkey Kingdom Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Disneynature Documentary HD - YouTube
Earth 100 Million Years From Now - YouTube
Earth Day 2015 - Google Search

5742 140422  April 22  Earth Day
Earth Day - Wikipedia
Earth Day - HISTORY.com

Earth Day Network | Earth Day 2014
Earth Day   Google

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