Wishes for the Sky, Harriet Island Park, St. Paul, MN, 080420  Earth Day Event inspired by ancient Chinese traditions of flying wishes on kites.  For more info | にほんご  Note that we think the Wishes for the Sky is similar to "Butterfly Release". Check our Letter / レター 159   For Earth Day, check Letter / レター 57, 189

"House to Touch the Wind" w/ Hundreds of wind chimes

Hundreds of wind chimes
     Listen to the tranquil Wind Chime Sounds ウィンドチャイムのサウンドクリップ

Get a loaned kite and write your Earth Day wish on your kite. And fly your wish-kite on the lawn.
Many swallow kites flying

Three swallow kites flying Up Close

Swallow Kite Up-Close  Check Earth Day Wishes

Volunteers from MN Kite Society 

Event Recycling by Eureka! Recycling 
Eureka! Recycling イベントリサイクリング

Modified: December 9, 2011
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