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Two national parks preserved, 10 years apart - HISTORY  Feb. 26, 1919
Grand Canyon in 1919 and Great Tetons in 1929
National Parks

11650 160905-0906  The duckbill formation - Bing images
Caught on tape: Young men knocking over unique rock formation in Oregon - CBS News  - The rock formation at Cape Kiwanda in Oregon always looked like it was teetering on the edge of collapse, but this week it finally came down, ...
Destruction of Beloved Rock Formation - vandals destroying popular Oregon rock formation - YouTube
Vandals destroy famous landmark at US national park - News JS  09/06/2016
Oregon  |  Parks
Famous Rock Formations - Bing images
List of rock formations in the United States - Wikipedia
3831 131018-160906  Utah rock vandals 'reprehensible,' say Boy Scouts officials - U.S. News  (video, NBC News, Erin McClam and Tracy Connor, 10/18/2013)
Boy Scouts Leaders Ousted After Toppling Ancient Rock - Video  metacafe, CBS  10/22/2013
2 former Boy Scout leaders plead guilty to toppling ancient Utah rock formation, avoid jail | Fox News  03/18/2014
Goblin Valley State Park Utah State Parks
Goblin Valley State Park video
Goblin Valley State Park - Wikipedia


11627 160828  Visitor misbehavior abounds as US parks agency turns 100  AP, Yahoo
National Parks

11619 160825  Celebrate the 100th Birthday of America's National Parks (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel
Happy 100th Birthday to the National Park Service! - YouTube
Find Your Park - National Park Service Happy 100th - YouTube
America's National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years - YouTube
National Parks

11614 160824  Park Service seeks minorities' support as it marks 100 years  AP, Yahoo
National Parks

11541 160731  EarthCam - National Parks Service Cams

11393 160618  Hurting for Cash, U.S. National Parks Turn to Companies - Bloomberg Politics
Why Should We Save the National Parks? — Pacific Standard

8916 150403  Best State Park Winners: 2015 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards  -  "...  the 50 states collectively manage well over 6,000 state park units that draw in over 700 million annual visitors. ... " USA TODAY 10 BEST
Letchworth State Park - NYS Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
America  |  New York  |  National Parks

9877 150808  Top 10 Mountain Towns in America - WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL Global News Center
America's Favorite Mountain Towns | Travel + Leisure
  |  National Parks

9676 150715  Colorado Man Sets Appalachian Trail Record on 2,189-Mile Run  Yahoo Travel, 07/14/2015
Appalachian National Scenic Trail (U.S. National Park Service)

Appalachian Trail Conservancy - About the Trail

Appalachian Trail - Wikipedia

Triple Crown of Hiking - Wikipedia
Pacific Crest Trail Association | Pacific Crest Trail:The trail is 2,650 miles (4,260 km) long.  Dave's page
Appalachian Trail - Wikipedia
Continental Divide Trail - Wikipedia

Continental Divide Trail Coalition | Connecting the community that supports the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail  US Forest Service

15821 190903  Discover the 10 least-visited U.S. national parks  National Geographic, September 2019
National Parks

Acadia National Park
(Photos & Multimedia), Maine
2547 130713  Snag the first sunbeam of a new day at Acadia National Park -
Acadia National Park, Maine - YouTube  |  Bar Harbor, Maine Acadia National Park - YouTube  |  Acadia National Park - YouTube  |  Acadia National Park Fall Colors - YouTube

Arches National Park, Utah  | 
Our Utah page

Badlands National Park, South Dakota
2488 130709  Badlands National Park (videos - Photos & Multimedia), South Dakota
Badlands National Park, South Dakota - YouTube  |  Badlands National Park - YouTube  |  Badlands National Park - South Dakota Trip 2011 - YouTube
Badlands - Wikipedia
Fluted Badlands photos from Dave Koskenmaki

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, Virginia    3058 130816 
Blue Ridge Parkway - Bing Images
Blue Ridge Parkway X - YouTube  |  Blue - YouTube
Blue Ridge Parkway - Wikipedia
7473 141019  Where to see autumn colours around the world - Telegraph
1. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina & Virginia, USA  National Parks
Minnesota's Fall

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah  |  Sunrise, Bryce Canyon photographed by Munish Singla (National Geographic)    

7384 141008  Capitol Reef National Park (U.S. National Park Service)  Utah
Capitol Reef National Park 3-minute Tour - YouTube


7393 141009  From the Temple of the Sun to the Temple of the Moon  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA  October 7, 2014

Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio  3024 130814  
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Bing Images
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - YouTube  |  Cuyahoga Valley National Park in My Ohio - YouTube  |  Summer Morning in The Cuyahoga Valley National Park - YouTube  |  'Cuyahoga Valley National Park - YouTube  | 
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Wikipedia

our National Park page  |  our MN & WI Park and Nature Center page

Death Valley National Park, California, Nevada
2517 130711  Death Valley National Park to visitors: Stop frying eggs on the ground - Yahoo! News  - BTW,on Wednesday (July 10, 2013) the park marked the 100th anniversary of the world’s hottest day on record: 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees C) on July 10, 1913.
2424 130702  Death Valley Temps Hit Records During Heat Wave WebProNews    129 degrees F (54 degrees C) on June 30, 2013  |  Temperatures in Death Valley reach 128 degrees as parts of West Coast bake in scorching heat - NY Daily News
Death Valley National Park - Death Valley National Park   California, Nevada
Death Valley - Wikipedia
Death Valley National Park - YouTube
Zabriskie Point ~ Death Valley National Park - YouTube HD
Sailing Stones at Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park - YouTube

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area    New Jersey, Pennsylvania    3181 130827        
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area - Bing Images
Waterfalls Along The Delaware River Gap National Recreation Area - YouTube  |  Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area - Computer.m4v - YouTube  |  Waterfalls in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area - YouTube
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area - Wikipedia
our National Park page  |  our MN & WI Park and Nature Center page

Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Devils Tower National Monument
, Wyoming | Devils Tower (National Geographic Education) | Devils Tower (Wikipedia) | Videos: Climbing Devil's Tower with helmet cam | Devils Tower Time Lapse  デビルスタワー   "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" was filmed at Devils Tower National Monument. For more info, check out Our First National Monument   our Wyoming State page   

The Everglades National Park (videos & photos), Florida Keys, Florida 

modified:  2019
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