A raccoon family in a hollow tree - den - A Mom raccoon with her two babies

Raccoon Climbs the tree trunk   
14931 181115  Raccoon climbs 25-story building, goes viral - YouTube  St. Paul, Minnesota
"We're pretty sure that that raccoon is able to climb the building because the wall surface is rough. Note that we sometimes see a raccoon climbing up the tree."
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Young raccoon watches us, birders from its family den.  バードウオッチングをしている私たちをすみかからウオッチングしている若いタヌキ 110625

Two Baby Raccoons   in the summer of 2009 (Naturalist Carole)

(1) Raccoons 
Raccoon's Sleeping See this raccoon's face |  日本語 
 朝早く、高い木のまたの所で、休んでいるタヌキを見つけました  100630 (Birder Pat)

(2) Raccoon Roadkill   More on roadkill -
English / Japanese (日本語)    040618

Where do raccoons sleep?

Raccoons vs. Reptiles such as alligators and snapping turtles

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Raccoon Swimming in the Lake - Photos:  Raccoon Wading  1a / 1b (Up-Close)  Raccoon Swimming  2a / 2b (Up-Close)  Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
On Craig's Birding Walk on July 21, 2014: One of the attendees asked Craig, "Is a raccoon able to swim?" Craig replied, "Yes, a raccoon can swim, and most animals can swim."
Can raccoons swim?  Yahoo Answers
Swimming Raccoon - YouTube
Raccoon (Procyon lotor) Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia
Raccoon - Wikipedia
  Raccoons are native to North America. "We thought they are also native to Japan, but we're wrong."
Ethology - Wikipedia

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"Are there any animals, which can't swim?"
Can all animals swim - Animals Zone  draganescu, 05/01/2010 ...
Some animals such as people, gorillas and chimpanzees gotta learn how to swim. ...
ethology - Why is that all the animals can swim in water without learning to swim but humans cannot? - Biology Stack Exchange

Who Says Cats Can't Swim? - YouTube
CAT swimming like a BOSS - YouTube

6713 140721  "Nature Notes"  Early this morning, one of our staff members joined Craig, a naturalist for his birding walk. "I saw my first Pectoral Sandpipers on the walk. The Pectoral Sandpipers have been migrating."  MN Valley - National Wildlife Refuge  "I also saw a raccoon swimming in the lake for the first time. Craig is saying, 'Raccoons can swim.'" 
Pectoral Sandpiper, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Can raccoons swim?  Yahoo Answers

9449 150614  Meanwhile, in Florida, a raccoon is riding on an alligator - SBNation.com  photo
And one squirrel's attempt to overcome a bird feeder video
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