Here are two alligators resting in their natural habitat in the Everglades, Florida. We spotted many alligators while walking the trail. The Everglades provides homes to thousands of animals. This pic was shot on 060220.   日本語
Q1: "Do you use a telephoto lens for this pic?"  A1:  "Heck No, they are not so far. They are just 5 yards away from the trail where we are on. 
Q2: "I bet there is a ditch or a fence between the alligators and you." A2: "No, you're wrong! There is nothing between the alligators and the trail. 
Q3: "So you could be lunch for them?"  A3: "No, I think the alligators have enough food, or are fed enough. The alligators are indifferent to us while we're passing in front of them."
"These wild alligators look awesome!  I'd love to go there sometime soon.  UmmmÖ though I donít like to be their lunch."
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