Photo 1b  This looks like part of a dead Canada Goose; wing feathers attached to the bones. We sometimes see part of a dead animal while walking in parks. We thought a Hawk preyed on this goose. Two birders, who we met on the trail, were saying, “A Fox or Coyote could have attacked the goose and eaten, in addition to a Hawk.” We asked them, “Do you see Foxes or Coyotes around here?” ”Yeah, we live near this Nature Center and sometimes spot Foxes in our yards.” "Wow, we've never seen foxes here." On second thought, a goose may be too large for a hawk. Geese could be prey for larger birds such as eagles and owls. As a matter of fact, we saw a dead Turkey in a Great Horned Owl's nest a few years ago. The order that animals feed on plants and other animals is called a food chain*. This pic was taken at Maplewood Nature Center, Maplewood, MN, on November 12, 2011.     
Great Horned Owl の巣の中に、七面鳥が運び込まれているのを見ました。食物連鎖(Food Chain):動物が、植物や他の動物を食べるなどの簡単な植物間の関係*
Photo:  1a  /  1b (Up-Close)  Part of a Dead Goose 死んだカナダグースの一部 - 食物連鎖(Food Chain)  |  2a  /  2b  Bird Feathers on the ground |  3a  /  3b (Up-Close)  Bird Feathers on a fallen tree    タカ小鳥を襲った二つの証拠写真例 |  4  Headless dead animal on the trail   
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