Hawk eating its prey        タカが小鳥を襲い、食べる

Roosting Great Horned Owl with a dead rabbit   捕獲したウサギのそばで、休むフクロウ

Part of a Dead Goose
死んだカナダグースの一部  Photo:  1a  /  1b (Up-Close) 
Hawks Preyed on Birds タカ小鳥を襲った二つの証拠写真例  Photo: 
2a  /  2b  Bird Feathers on the ground |  3a  /  3b (Up-Close)  Bird Feathers on a fallen tree  ----   Food Chain (食物連鎖、フードチェイン) & Food Web (フードウェブ)  |  4  Headless dead animal on the trail 

Garter Snake Eats a Worm      Garter Snake、ミミズを襲い、食べる

Snapping Turtle: Nest Hole, which raccoons raided to eat eggs  |  Eggshell  |  日本語 タヌキに夜、襲われた亀の巣

11961 161130  Fantastic Mr Fox leaves pride of lions licking their wounds - YouTube
Lioness Protects Injured Baby Fox (Photos).

11550 160803-0807 
This Rare Video of a Bald Eagle Attacking an Osprey Nest Is an Incredible Display of Speed and Strength | Audubon  2016
Audubon Osprey Nest - Bird Cams - explore
Rachel and Steve Left Chick-less After Eagle Raids Nest | Audubon  2015
Wildlife Cam  |  Prey

11568 160808  Decorah Eagles 6-14-14 Owl Attacks Eaglets On Nest - YouTube  
Decorah Eagles ~ Raccoon Intruder ~ Mom Instantly Reacts ~ 340 a m 03-15-2014 - YouTube
Wildlife Cam  |  Prey

Raptor Center, Univ. of Minnesota

Feeding Relationships 1, 2)

a)  Food Chain - Simple feeding relationships1, 2)
食物連鎖、フードチェイン (Food Chain):動物が、植物や他の動物を食べるなどの生物間の簡単な関係1, 2)

b)  Food Web -
 All the possible feeding relationships in a community 2)
Build a Food Web

1)  EcoKids < >
Feeding Relationship Activity

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