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Deer, Muskrat, Squirrel (Chipmunk, Gray Squirrel, Red Squirrel)

Lone Female Hooded Merganser Photo:  1  Female Hooded Merganser with four Mallards  |  2  Female Hooded Merganser swims away
2  Downy Woodpecker looks for worms  キツツキ

Male Northern Cardinal in winter 1a  Side View  |  1b  Front View 
Cardinals in Pairs Photo: 
Northern Cardinals  -  4a  Male  |  4b  Female
Barn Swallow Photo:  1  Three Fledglings  |  2a  Fledgling
August 4, 2012:  1  Eastern Phoebe  |  2  Young Mallards
Green Heron Juveniles 子供のアメリカササゴイ   Photo:  1a / 1b (Up-Close) Two Green Heron juveniles |  2a / 2b (Up-Close) Green Heron Juvenile Hunts for prey
December 3, 2011 Nature Notes ネーチャーノート
Deer, Gray Squirrels, a Muskrat Lodge, Squirrel nests, Could be Muskrat Tracks (Animal Tracks) on the ice, a newly built - tree hole for a possible Woodpecker's winter shelter, bubbles in the ice, a Cardinal, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Downy Woodpecker (male), Crows, Moss (green), All the ponds in the center have frozen over, High Bush Cranberry fruits, Bittersweet fruits, Buckthorn fruits, Witch Hazel flowers

Photo:  1  Sun on a cloudy winter day  |  2  Snow-covered Boardwalk  |  3  Pond has frozen over  |  4  Muskrat Lodge  |  5  White-breasted Nuthatch  ゴジュウカラの一種 6  Woodpecker's new tree cavity for winter shelter  |  7a / 7b (Up-Close)  Squirrel's Nest

3  It looks like this Blue Jay gets an acorn   121028
November 12, 2011: Blue Jay

Photo:  1a  /  1b (Up-Close)  Part of a Dead Goose 死んだカナダグースの一部 - 食物連鎖(Food Chain)

November 5, 2011 Nature Notes ネーチャーノート
We saw a Blue Jay, Juncos, Wood Ducks, a Goldfinch (Female, Winter), Chickadees, a Robin, Mallards, and deer, and a Mushroom with gills.
1  American Goldfinch (male, winter)

Birding on October 10, 2011 Photo:  1  Phoebe  |  2  Yellow-rumpted Warbler (Fall) バードウオッチング: Phoebe、Warbler、Killdeer は、渡り鳥で、もう南に渡ったと思っていましたが、まだいました。111010

Chickadee  シジュウカラ  Jan. 18, 2013 (130118)

Young Cooper's Hawk, which likely just fledged from the nest
巣立ちしたばかりのCooper's Hawk  100808

"Happy Mother's Day!" A Canada Goose family - Six goslings are escorted by their parents.    母の日に撮影。6羽のカナダグースの赤ちゃんと両親

Canada Goose Family: Lovely Goslings escorted by their parents  かわいいベイビーグースとマザーグース 

"Mom, it's still chilly" | 2 One of the baby geese begins to explore the world around it | 3 A parent says something to one of their babies  100502

A Mallard (duck) pair; the male, left.   March 18, 2012.  マガモのペア: 左が、雄 池の水が鏡のようです

Ducklings & Their Mom 090530

Mallard Duck Families (Cute Ducklings) A pair of Mallard Ducks with their Ducklings | Ducklings Up-Close  070608

A Mom Eastern Bluebird is busy feeding her babies in the nest box. 050528

A male Wood Duck
Wood Duck  050528
A Mom Wood Duck with her five Ducklings 110602

More animal babies

Nov. 2015
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