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16314 200423  Gorilla Documentary - Gorillas 98.6% Human | Explore Films, 2009
Wildlife  |  Mammals 

16194  200205  Video shows coyote and badger on a mission together - YouTube

16082 191213  Endangered Rhinos - Pees on Bird (HD) - YouTube
Rhinos Symbiotic Relationships. What is a symbiotic Relationship.............
16024 191118  The Funniest Entries From The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - YouTube  Sep. 18, 2019

16033 191122  Rhino and Hippo Date Night Part 1 - YouTube
Wildlife  |  Mammals

13461 171026 
Small-Minded Strategy The Common Shrew Shrinks Its Head to Survive Winter - Scientific American

12645 170424  Muskoxen in Norway  Deutsche Welle, 04/20/2017

12624 170421 
First: Badger Buries Entire Cow in Shocking New  Video  National Geographic

12621 170420  How Naked Mole Rats Can Survive Without Oxygen for 18 Minutes  LiveScience

12611 170419 
In Mexico’s stunning Magdalena Bay, humans and whales meet up | The Seattle Times
Travel  |  Mexico  |  Mammals 

12304 170213  What is a pangolin? Google Doodle - YouTube
Pangolin: World's Weirdest - YouTube
Lions try to chew on an armour-plated Pangolin - India - YouTube
Mammal  |  Conservation

10776 160127  'Ziggy Stardust' giraffe sighting in Tanzania -
Mammal News  |  Conservation

10154 150914  See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet  National Geographic

9265 150520  Why giant pandas have to eat and poop all day - The Washington Post  05/20/2015

8644 150302 
Leprosy Cases Hit Florida Counties - ABC News: "The CDC recommends people avoid contact armadillos to limit the possibility they can contract the bacteria that causes leprosy." Gillian Mohney, Good Morning America, 02/27/2015

6726 140722 
Mother giraffe protects calf from lions in Kenya  AOL, 07/22/2014

6511 140629  5 whales, dolphins to watch for off California  -  These seasonal visitors are known for their peculiar markings, and are crowd favorites whenever they're spotted  -  (GrindTV, Peter Thomas, 06/27/2014)

140623  Gray whale swims up to motorboat in Mexico on MSN Video

6440 140622  Four rare white tiger cubs born in Crimea zoo | Reuters Video  05/04/2014

6410 140619   Striking all-white humpback whale spotted off Australia’s coast - Yahoo News  Charlene Sakota | Odd News, 06/19/2014
Meet Migaloo: Extremely rare white whale spotted off Australia coast - YouTube
Humpback whale - Wikipedia

6266 140606  Koalas hug trees to keep their cool, new study says  (AOL, 06/04/2014)

5673 140416  How Stripes Make Zebras Invisible To Bugs! on MSN Video - Why? Zebra's stripes, Lion's mane, and Giraffe's long neck
5531 140401  Zebras Have Stripes to Fend Off Flies, New Study Reveals  (Latino Post, Jessica Michele Herring, 04/01/2014)

5387 140319 
Ultra-rare killer whales spotted for first time in nearly a decade  (AOL, 03/17/2014)
False killer whale - Wikipedia

3983 131105  Think all British teenagers want to play video games or go on Facebook? Meet the 18-year-old lion tamer who is so skilled, the big cats let him give them a foot massage  video & photos (MailOnline, Daily Mail Reporter, 08/01/2013; Yahoo 11/04/2013)

Mammals News                                         123  |  News

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