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Hares & Rabbits

Hoary Marmot (aka the Whistle Pig)  Hoary マーモット


7246 140924  Manatee Keeps Watch Over Dog Before Rescue - Yahoo  ABC, GMA, Hillsborough River, Tampa, Florida
Do manatees live in fresh water or salt water?  Yahoo Answers
Manatee (Trichechus Manatu) - Animals - A-Z Animals
Manatee - Wikipedia
Manatee - The Gentle Giant - YouTube
Real Life Mermaid Melissa raises awareness for Manatee Protection - YouTube
Dog  |  Florida  |  Live Mermaid

8970 150410  Girl freaks out when a manatee approaches her while swimming -  04/09/2015

Marten (

Mink (
ミンク Trapped Mink
Mink - Minnesota DNR
Shocking Footage of Wild Mink Hunting Large and Dangerous Prey - YouTube
Nearby Nature: Minks & Otters

Moose (ヘラシカ)

9397 150605  A Montana man saved a baby moose. But then his act of kindness blew up, big time.  MSN,
Washington Post

Muskrats Looks like a small beaver.  The body length: 50 cm (マスクラツト)  Lodges

Opossums or Possums (フクロネズミ)  We sometimes see an opossum roadkill.

"Pocket Gopher" Mounds  ポケット ゴーファー マウンド

Otters (ラツコ) & Otter Tracks in the wild | at Minnesota Zoo  
Nearby Nature: Minks & Otters

Rabbits & Hares
2968 130817  BBC News - Mystery life of tunnelling animals revealed in documentary  video

Raccoons (タヌキ)

Shrew: We have seen two kinds of Shrew   Impaled Shrew by a Shrike
Animals Attack: Shrew vs. Snake (National Geographic)    トガリネズミ vs. ヘビ   As you can hear in this video clip, those shrews could be WWE Superstars. Just kidding, but those shrews are amazing. Sometime ago, Steve, one of my gym buddies, told me, "A shrew can attack a snake." Shrew Facts  |  Shrew (Wikipedia) トガリネズミ  We've seen two shrews, which were dead on park trails. We'll post photos of the shrews later. See our Garter Snake photos

Skunks (スカンク)     Trapped skunk

(リス)Gray squirrel, Red squirrel,  Chipmunk (シマリス),  and Thirteen-lined ground squirrels (U of Minnesota's Golden Gophers)
We've seen two thirteen-lined ground squirrels so far.
Fox Squirrel, Flying Squirrel

7325 141002  35,000 Walrus Come Ashore In Northwest Alaska  Huffington Post Green, 10/02/2014
Why 35000 Walrus Come Ashore in Northwest Alaska? - YouTube
Walruses on a Chunk of Ice Floating in The Chukchi Sea - YouTube  06/23/2014
Seals Vs. Walruses | eHow

Weasel (
イタチ)  We spotted a weasel at Arboretum a few years ago.
8668 150304  Woodpecker Takes Weasel On the Ride of Its Life - Yahoo  ABC, GMA, 03/03/2015, London, England (Julie, thanks for info on BBC's articles yesterday)
In Minnesota we very often see woodpeckers. And so far we've seen only one weasel, a short-tailed weasel (Ermine) at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  
Mammals of Minnesota Weasel | Minnesota DNR
Ermine in Winter Image, Italy -- National Geographic | Photo of the Day  02/23/2015  Color: Brown in summer and white in winter
Photos:  Wildlife  |  Mammal  |  Bird

Blue Whale
7305 140930  Was SUP paddler too close to blue whale?  video, GrindTV  -  Close Encounters Man vs. Nature  -  , Peter Thomas, 09/29/2014 

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