Anoka County Photo 1  "We're almost there": the place for two Snowy Owls to hang out, Anoka County, Minnesota. This pic was shot in Anoka County, MN on Feb. 6, 2014. We've been trying to see a snowy owl for the past several years, but we didn't have any luck until this past February. Feb. 5, 2014: We read info on sightings of two snowy owls, which was posted by Pete, a birder, on the ABA (American Birding Association) web page. Early the next morning - around 7:00 a.m. - we tried to see the owls, but we failed to locate the owls.            in Japanese 日本語
Anoka County Photos:  1  |  2  Snowy Owls hang out here; Snowy Owl Photos: 
1 (rear view)  |  2  (front view) |  3 (at sunset)
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5452 140325  "Our First Snowy Owl!!!": Feb. 8, 2014 Finally we saw our first snowy owl with the help of Pete, a birder. Anoka County, Minnesota Photos:  1  |  2  Snowy Owls hang out; Snowy Owl Photos: 
1 (rear view)  |  2  (front view) |  3 (at sunset)
PBS Nature 2012 Magic of the Snowy Owl - YouTube  This video is great!
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5073 140216  A snowy-owl bonanza, thanks to a little, stubby-legged Arctic rodent the lemming  (Washington Post, Darryl Fears, 02/16/2014)
Snowy owl hit by bus moved to secret location - The Washington Post  snowy owl photos January and February, 2014
Facts About Snowy Owls - FACT: Snowy owls are diurnal. ( Animals / Wildlife, Laura Klappenbach)
Are All Owls Nocturnal?  (Paw Nation, Ruth Nix - Demand Media)
Snowy Owl - Wikipedia
Baby Snowy Owl - Bing Images
snowy owl chicks - Bing Images
5013 140209  Feb. 9, 2014  "Nature Notes"  "So Cool!!!, Yesterday we finally saw our first snowy owl with Pete's help. Pete, thanks so much for your tour to that snowy owl." We'll post some photos of the snowy owl later.
4697 140110  Snowy Owl vs. Peregrine Falcon - Cape May, New Jersey  (vimeo, Tom Johnson, 12/02/2014; Birdchick)
Snowy Owl - Cape May, New Jersey  (vimeo, Tom Johnson, December 2014) We love to see this snowy owl walking on the sand.
Who? Where? Snowy owls are flocking to East Coast  (CBS News, Jim Alxelrod, 01/09/2014; info from Julie)
Note:  We've never seen snowy owls before.

modified: March 25, 2014
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