Frogs & Toads      カエル と  ヒキガエル(ガマ)

Northern Leopard Frog  
1  |  2  |  3
Leopard Frogs peeking out of Duckweed    Leopard カエルDuckweedから顔を出し、日向ぼっこ

Spring Peeper
Spring peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) calling (video)

Tree Frog Photo:  1  Tree Frog Clings  |  2  Tree Frog Sticks  |  3  Tree Frog Jumps  |  4a / 4b (Up-Close)  Baby Tree Frog  |  5  Male Tree Frog Calling       アマガエルの一種
2765 130726  Tiny frog shelters under leaf umbrella in Indonesia Mail Online
3094 130818  Female frogs prefer males who can multitask, study finds  (National Monitor, Google)

Wood Frog
Wood Frog Photo1a  |  1b  |  1c  |  Impaled Wood Frog by a Shrike  (Arboretum)

Western Chorus Frog calls
Listen calls  Chorus Frog Call - YouTube
Tree frogs: Western/Boreal chorus frog: Minnesota DN
The western chorus frog is among Minnesota's smallest frogs.

American Toad's Tadpole   ガマのオタマジャクシ

Baby Toad walking near a pond
  Photo:  1  |  2 池の近くを歩いているガマの赤ちゃん  110625

American Toad  Front 3/4 View | Side View     Q: What's the difference between a frog and a toad?: カエル と

12932 170703  Frog evolution linked to dinosaur asteroid strike - BBC News

9066 150421   Species of frog resembling Kermit found in Costa Rica -  04/21/2015

8137 150102  Forget eggs, frogs give birth to live tadpoles -  01/02/2015

3574 130925  Toad noms on bat, poses for photo  (CS Monitor: by Douglas / September 25, 2013 , Google)

Frogs & Toads of Minnesota photos
How do frogs survive winter? Why don't they freeze to death?

Frequently Asked Questions about Frogs

HowStuffWorks How Frogs Work - ...
this sac that allows frogs to croak, trill and ribbit.
ADW Frog Calls
Gray-Grey treefrog (Hyla versicolor) calling Video - YouTube  |  Gray Tree Frog mating call - YouTube

We've only seen five frogs this year so far; four tree frogs and a leopard frog as of August 10, 2013.

3256 130902  "Nature"  Tiny Frog Swallows Sound  (Guardian, Google)

4860 140125  With a love song, a frog seals its doom (+video)  (CS Monitor, Will Dunham - Reuters, 01/24/2014; Google)
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