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Georgia “Must-See”  ここは絶対に見るべき!!     ジョージア州の簡単な紹介

Georgia Map +

Callaway Gardens 1), Pine Mountain

Fernbank Museum of Natural History 2)

Georgia Aquarium 2)

The Golden Isles 1, 2)   -   Jekyll Island
The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge 1, 2) (Stephen C. Foster State Park is within the Refuge)
 Fisherman catches Alligator 'Feeding Frenzy' on video (100727)

Savannah 2)
Savannah National Historic District 1)
Stone Mountain Park 1), Stone Mountain

Underground Atlanta 1), Downtown Atlanta

Warm Springs (Little White House – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home) 1)

Famous People 1)
Jimmy Carter, Martin Luther King, Jr.
(see our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade photos 3) ), Juliette Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts of America), Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind), Jackie Robinson, and more. Click here for more famous people in Georgia.

born December 8, 1765    Eli Whitney  video - Eli Whitney is famous for his invention of the cotton gin, and also for the idea of “interchangeable parts”
Eli Whitney - Wikipedia  
December 8, 1765 – January 8, 1825, an American inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin. This was one of the key inventions of the Industrial Revolution and shaped the economy of the Antebellum South. ...
Georgia  |  Massachusetts 

Georgia enters the Union - HISTORY   Jan. 2, 1788

born January 21, 1813    John C. Fremont
John C. Fremont reaches the Great Salt Lake - Sep 06, 1844 -
The Conquerors: John C. Fremont - Conqueror of California - YouTube
John C. Frémont - Wikipedia 
January 21, 1813 – July 13, 1890, an American explorer, politician, and soldier who, in 1856, became the first candidate of the anti-slavery Republican Party for the office of President of the United States. During the 1840s, when he led four expeditions into the American West, that era's penny press and admiring historians accorded Frémont the sobriquet The Pathfinder.
Great Basin - Wikipedia  |  Utah  |  California
Georgia  |  South Carolina

11574 160810    born February 8, 1820    William Tecumseh Sherman 
William Tecumseh Sherman   "Sherman's March"
The Conquerors - Episode 8 Sherman's March to the Sea (History Documentary) - YouTube

William Tecumseh Sherman - Wikipedia  February 8, 1820 – February 14, 1891, an American soldier, businessman, educator and author. He served as a General in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861–65), for which he received recognition for his outstanding command of military strategy as well as criticism for the harshness of the "scorched earth" policies that he implemented in conducting total war against the Confederate States...

Sherman's March to the Sea - Wikipedia
Carolinas Campaign - Wikipedia
Civil War  |  Presidents:  Abraham Lincoln
Georgia  |  South Carolina  |  North Carolina

born May 8, 1886    Coca-Cola    Atlanta, Georgia
Animated History of Coca-Cola - YouTube
John Pemberton - Wikipedia
  July 8, 1831 – August 16, 1888, an American pharmacist, and is best known for being the founder of Coca-Cola

born November 8, 1900    Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell is born - Nov 08, 1900 -
Gone With the Wind (1939) (Trailer) BFI - YouTube
Gone with the Wind (1939) - IMDb
Margaret Mitchell - Author -  November 8, 1900 – August 16, 1949
Atlanta, Georgia

born January 31, 1919     Jackie Robinson
42 - Jackie Robinson dealt with racism from Ben Chapman - YouTube
Movie 42 - Final the game - YouTube

Mini Bio: Jackie Robinson - YouTube
Jackie Robinson Biography
Jackie Robinson - Wikipedia  January 31, 1919 – October 24, 1972, an American baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era.
Georgia  |  California

born October 1, 1924      Jimmy Carter  Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter - Mini Biography - YouTube
Jimmy Carter I Could Have Wiped Iran Off The Map CNBC Meets CNBC International - YouTube
Jimmy Carter - Wikipedia 
October 1, 1924, an American politician and author who served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. He was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Carter Center.
39 Jimmy Carter - YouTube
James Carter | The White House  39th President of the United States (1977-81)
Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter: An Intimate Chat  (Parade, Mark K. Updegrove, 10/31/2013; Pioneer Press)
Ford, Carter, and the Economic Malaise: Crash Course US History #42 - YouTube
Jimmy Carter On President Donald Trump - YouTube  
Presidents  |  Georgia

born January 15, 1929     Martin Luther King, Jr.  
Martin Luther King Jr, Biography  Civil Rights Activist, Minister
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Wikipedia  born Michael King Jr., January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968, an American Baptist minister and activist who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs. ...
Our Photos: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (3rd Monday of January)  January 16, 2017 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2017  Google


born December 5, 1932    Little Richard   
Little Richard, Rock Pioneer Who Broke Musical Barriers, Dead at 87 - Rolling Stone
Little Richard Long Tall Sally - Tutti Frutti - YouTube
Little Richard - Death, Songs & Facts - Biography
Little Richard, Rock 'n' Roll Pioneer, Dead at 87 - YouTube
The Truth About Little Richard Might Surprise You - YouTube
Little Richard - Wikipedia  Richard Wayne Penniman, December 5, 1932 – May 9, 2020, better known as Little Richard, was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. An influential figure in popular music and culture for seven decades, Penniman's most celebrated work dates from the mid-1950s, when his charismatic showmanship and dynamic music, characterized by frenetic piano playing, pounding back beat and raspy shouted vocals, laid the foundation for rock and roll, ...
Georgia  |  Music 

September 9, 1941    Otis Redding
Otis Redding - Songs, Death & Life - Biography 
Soul legend Otis Redding dies in a plane crash near Madison, Wisconsin - Dec 10, 1967 -
Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Official Video) - YouTube
Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness - YouTube
Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine (Official Fan Music Video) - YouTube

Otis Redding - Wikipedia  
September 9, 1941 – December 10, 1967, an American singer, songwriter, record producer, arranger, and talent scout. He is considered one of the greatest singers in the history of American popular music and a seminal artist in soul music and rhythm and blues. Redding's style of singing gained inspiration from the gospel music that preceded the genre. His singing style influenced many other soul artists of the 1960s.
Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay (Official Video) - YouTube
Aretha Franklin - Respect [1967] (Original Version) - YouTube
Otis Redding & Aretha Franklin - Respect (MottyMix) - YouTube
Georgia  |  Music

born February 9, 1944    Alice Walker
Alice Walker - Author, Civil Rights Activist, Women's Rights Activist -
Alice Walker Documentary - YouTube
Alice Walker - Wikipedia 
born February 9, 1944, an American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple (1982) for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
The Color Purple (1985) - IMDb
The Color Purple (1-6) Movie CLIP - Sisters Separated (1985) HD - YouTube
Georgia | Civil Rights  |  Women's Rights  |

Georgia institutes a State Board of Corrections - Aug 07, 1945 -
Chain gang - Wikipedia

born August 11, 1953    Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan vs. The Iron Sheik - YouTube  Jan. 23, 1984
Hulk Hogan beats Iron Sheik to win first WWF title - HISTORY
  Jan. 23, 1984
Hulk Hogan's Theme Song - Real American - YouTube
Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant-WWF Championship (WrestleMania 3, 1987) - YouTube
Hulk Hogan - IMDb
Hulk Hogan - Wikipedia 
born August 11, 1953, better known by his ring name as Hulk Hogan, is an American retired pro wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur and musician.
Georgia  |  Florida

born March 20, 1957    Spike Lee
Spike Lee’s first feature, She’s Gotta Have It, premieres - Aug 08, 1986 -
Spike Lee - IMDb
She's Gotta Have It (1986) - IMDb
Do the Right Thing (1989) - IMDb
Spike Lee - Wikipedia  born March 20, 1957, an American film director, producer, writer, and actor.
Retro Michael Jordan and Spike Lee Commercial - YouTube
Do the Right Thing (1-10) Movie CLIP - Today's Forecast (1989) HD - YouTube

Atlanta, Georgia  |  Brooklyn, New York

The B-52’s play their first gig - Feb 14, 1977 -
The B-52's - Wikipedia
  The B-52s, styled as The B-52's prior to 2008, an American new wave band, formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1976.
The B-52's - Love Shack (Official Music Video) - YouTube
The B-52's - Topic - YouTube

Georgia  |  Music

13816 180113  Georgia Governor Zell Miller proposes writing “The Mozart effect” into law - Jan 13, 1998 -
The Mozart effect  JRSM, NIH
Mozart effect - Wikipedia
Zell Miller - Wikipedia
Georgia  |  Music 

born May 24, 1990    Joey Logano
2018 NASCAR Playoffs - Monster Energy Series -
Race results NASCAR championship 2018: Logano wins
Championship Seasons: Joey Logano 2018 - YouTube
Joey Logano - Wikipedia  born May 24, 1990, nicknamed "Sliced Bread," is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 22 Ford Fusion for Team Penske, and part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, driving the No. 22 Ford Mustang GT for Team Penske.
Connecticut  |  Georgia

Sports  2018

History 1)
Cotton Gin invention (Eli Whitney, 1792 or 1793) 4)  | U.S. troops herded Georgia Cherokees into camps in Tennessee (1835) 4)  and  
U.S. troops forced the Cherokees to walk over 800 miles to the Indian Territory - now Oklahoma – (“Trail of Tears”,1838) 4)  | “March of the Sea” (General Sherman’s troops, 1864) | International Cotton Exposition (Atlanta, 1881) Atlanta Olympic Games (1996)

Georgia |  Atlanta (Capital) |  Columbia | Savannah | Sandy Springs | Macon

Largest Cities in Georgia


Georgia Attractions | Tourist Attractions in Georgia


born May 8, 1886    Coca-Cola    Atlanta, Georgia
Animated History of Coca-Cola - YouTube
John Pemberton - Wikipedia
  July 8, 1831 – August 16, 1888, an American pharmacist, and is best known for being the founder of Coca-Cola

The Masters Tournament  Augusta, Georgia  |  Golf Majors    ゴルフメージャー:マスターズトーナメント
Masters Tournament - Wikipedia   April

16114 191223  2019-20 Big Air World Cup set for epic finale in Atlanta  SunTrust Park, Atlanta, Georgia
Chris Corning | Men's Big Air Atlanta | 1st place | FIS Snowboard - YouTube
Alexander Hall | Men's Big Air Atlanta | 1st place | FIS Freestyle Skiing - YouTube
Mathilde Gremaud | Women's Big Air Atlanta | 1st place | FIS Freestyle Skiing - YouTube
Reira Iwabuchi | Women's Big Air Atlanta | 1st place | FIS Snowboard - YouTube

Sports  2019

Macon Georgia's International Cherry Blossom Festival
: Macon has more cherry blossom trees than any other city in the world 1)   Macon市には、30万本の吉野さくらの木に花が咲くそうです。すごいですね! Late March     check out National Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington D.C.)

11736 161001  Georgia: The Peach State is all about peanuts - American Food Roots
'Peach State' no more Georgia has a new top fruit - NBC News

Peach Drop – New Year’s Eve Celebration at Underground Atlanta 大晦日に行われるピーチドロップ
130124  Youtube  2013 New Years Peach Drop in Atlanta  |  Atlanta Peach Drop "2012 New Year" HD [FULL]
Thousands turn out for 24th Annual Peach Drop (CBS Atlanta, video)
Peach Drop - The Largest New Year's Eve Celebration in the Southeast -, Atlanta, Georgia

More Events, for example, check out
this site
Oktoberfest, Helen, GA  mid-September – October 31      Debbie Gagliolo of the Alpine Helen-White County Convention & Visitors Bureau calls this event “the biggest party in the southeast.”
Helen (pop: about 900) is approximately 70 miles north of Atlanta, GA in the heart of Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.*
* Info Sources: Mary Ann Anderson (McClatchy-Tribune News Service): Tap your inner German – To celebrate Oktoberfest in the southeast, head to tiny Helen, Ga.” Travel Section,
St. Paul Pioneer Press, September 26, 2010

Seven U.S. states are named after kings or queens  州の名前に、王または、女王の名をとった7つの州

1816 130519  Atlanta Dogwood Festival  Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Dogwood Festival - YouTube  |  Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2013 - YouTube  |  ATLANTA DOGWOOD FESTIVAL - YouTube
List of dogwood festivals - Wikipedia

15171 190207-0208  Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in USA during Winter - YouTube
1 Los Angeles, California  2 San Juan, Puerto Rico  3 Austin, Texas  4  Orland, Florida  5 Tybee Island, Georgia
6 Phoenix, Arizona  7 Keystone, Colorado  8 Stratton, Vermont  9 Salt Lake City, Utah  10 Santa Fe, New Mexico
50 States & Washington, D.C. +

6637 140712  The best American cities for foodies - Restaurants and Trends -Food-Drink-MSN Living  Conde Nast Traveler
1. New York City, NY, 2. Napa, CA, 3. San Francisco, CA, 4. Charleston, SC, 5. New Orleans, LA, 6. Chicago, IL, 7. Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, 8. Santa Fe, NM, 9. Healdsburg, CA, 10. Boston, MA, 11. Aspen, CO, 12. Las Vegas, NV, 13. Seattle, WA, 14. Newport, RI, 15. Savannah, GA, 16. Austin, TX, 17. Naples, FL, 18. Telluride, CO, 19. (tie) Portland, ME, 19. (tie) San Diego, CA

State Info  |  50 States & DC  |  Eat

7736 141116  5 stingiest cities in America — bah humbug! - Yahoo Finance  Catey Hill, MarketWatch, 11/13/2014   1.  New York City, New York, 2.  Atlanta, Georgia, 3. Dallas, Texas, 4.  Boston, Massachusetts, 5.  Seattle, Washington
Deloitte's 2014 annual holiday survey Making a list, clicking it twice - Deloitte University Press  Alison Kenney Paul, Rod Sides & Susan K. Hogan, 10/28/2014

7789 141121  What's America's Booziest State?   Yahoo Food, Dave Infante and Chris Kolmar, Thrillist, 11/20/2014
1.  Oregon, 2.  Colorado, 3.  Alaska, 4.  Montana, 5.  Vermont, 6.  Wisconsin, 7.  Washington, 8.  Nevada, 9.  Wyoming, 10.  Maine, ...
41.  Florida, 42.  Oklahoma, 43.  South Carolina, 44.  Maryland, 45.  Tennessee, 46.  Georgia, 47.  Utah, 48.  Alabama, 49.  Mississippi, 50.  Arkansas
Mason-Dixon Line map and information  World Atlas
Bible Belt - Wikipedia
Booze blues: Utah's laws make it tricky to get a drink - Fox News  Alicia Acuna, 01/31/2013
Contiguous United States - Wikipedia  the 48 adjoining U.S. states plus Washington, D.C. (federal district) ... The term excludes the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii and all off-shore United States territories and possessions
America, States & D.C.

7944 141208  America's least educated cities, 2014 - Yahoo Homes  Thomas C. Frohlich, 24/7 Wall St., 12/08/2014    1. Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Arizona, 2. Dalton, Georgia, 3. El Centro, California, 4. Farmington, New Mexico, 5. Hanford-Corcoran, California
America's most educated cities, 2014 - Yahoo Homes  Thomas C. Frohlich, 24/7 Wall St., 11/26/2014   1. Boulder, Colo., 2. Ann Arbor, Mich., 3. Corvallis, Ore., 4. Ithaca, N.Y., 5. Lawrence, Kan., 6. Iowa City, Iowa, 7. Ames, Iowa, 8. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., 9. Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., 10. Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C.
America, States & D.C.

8860 150328  The 20 busiest airports in the world -  03/27/2015  1. Atlanta, Georgia

8862 150328  The U.S. Cities With The Biggest Economic Inequality  AOL Jobs, 03/24/2015  1. Atlanta,
Some cities are still more unequal than others—an update | Brookings Institution  03/17/2015

1)  Inge N. Dobelis (Project Editor): America: land of Beauty and Splendor (New York/Montreal: Reader’s Digest, 1992)
2)  Laura Sutherland with Family Travel Forum: Amazing Places to Take Your Kids(Illinois: Publications International, Ltd., 2008)  
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4)  Alma E. Guinness (Project Editor) et al: America A to Z (New York, USA: The Reader's Digest Association, 1997)

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