Our first Eastern Cottontail photo:  Hey! We've finally shot a pic of a rabbit. :-)  Here is a picture of an Eastern Cottontail, which you can often spot anywhere in Minnesota.  This pic was shot on the grass of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Blvd. near the Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN in 2004.  We had to use a telephoto lens to shoot this.  The rabbit usually doesn't like anyone to get close because it lives in the wild and it doesn't trust humans.  Its body length was approximately 30 cm.  Rabbits are quick and have strong legs for jumping.  BTW, we happened to spot a family of approximately 10 Eastern Cottontails just before dawn in the City of Grant last year.  Japanese
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11645 160904  Mother Teresa declared a saint before huge crowds in the Vatican - CNN.com  videos  09/04/2016
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born August 26, 1910    Mother Teresa, Saint Teresa of Calcutta      
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MC, known to the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta since her canonisation in 2016, born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu; 26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997, an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. She was born in Skopje (modern Republic of Macedonia), then part of the Kosovo Vilayet in the Ottoman Empire. After having lived in Macedonia for eighteen years, she moved to Ireland and then to India, where she lived for most of her life.... Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation, ... She was canonised (recognised as a Saint) on 4 September 2016, a day before the 19th anniversary of her death. ...
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Boulevard | Saint Paul By Bike-Every Block of Every Street
This pic of a Cottontail rabbit was shot on the grass of Mother Teresa of Calcutta Blvd.  near the Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN in 2014. The street was named (we think, renamed) after Mother Teresa in 2004.
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