Dodge Nature Center, West St. Paul, MN
Orchard during the Summer Months (Small apples)

Deer Photo:  1a / 1b (Up-Close)  Young Deer Rests  |  2  Mom kisses her kid  |   3  Two deer     March 18, 2012  お母さんシカ、子供のシカにキッスなど、のどかな眺めです

Hooded Merganser Photo Hooded Merganser Photo:  1a / 1b (Up-Close) A pair swims together  |  2a / 2b (Up-Close) Another male starts hitting on the female |  3  Male vs. Male  |  4  Head-Throw Courtship Display    オウギアイサ

Our first Robin of the season:  3      今季初のロビン  March 11, 2012

Painted Turtle Sunning Themselves:  1a / 1b (Up-Close)  March 25, 2012

Maple Syrup Making Photo:  1  |  2  Maple Sap Buckets w/ Covers  |  Boiling Sap:  3  |  4  |  5     メープルシロップ作り

Weather Vane: Lightning rod weather vane 1a / Up-Close: 1b / 1c  2a / Up-Close: 2b    避雷針かざみどり  Antique Show photos  

Star Watch: Universe in the Park
by The Astronomy Department, University of Minnesota

Minnesota Rock History and Fossil Collecting  090418 We'll post pix later.

8743 150314  Spring Fun  Birding Walks (Bird watching)
Birdwatching - Wikipedia
One of our stuff members joined Craig (Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge) for his birding walk.
What they spotted during Craig's walk:  a Bald Eagle in flight, a Bald Eagle nest, a Pileated Woodpecker, Northern Flickers, Mallards, Canada Geese (calls), American Black Ducks, Northern Shovelers, Lesser Scaup, a female Greater Scaup (his first), a Hooded Merganser, Common Mergansers, Northern Cardinals (spring calls), Chickadees (spring calls), American Tree Sparrows, American Robins (calls), an American Goldfinch, Woodpecker drumming
A Singer of Spring The American Goldfinch - YouTube
Downy Woodpecker Calling and Drumming - YouTube
Mammals: A Muskrat swims to its lodge
On our walks: 
A Bald Eagle nest, and the parents (calls) perching on nearby branches, a European Starling (calls)
Red-tailed Hawks, Rock Pigeons

Dodge Nature Center:
Turkeys, Chickadees (calls); Educational birds: a Bald Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, and Barred Owl.
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