Photo 1:    Kathy, Kathy, and four adult Italian Greyhounds - left to right: Emma Lou, Kodi, Iggy and Fella - from Secondhand Hounds. Yes, they are rescue dogs. According to their flyer, the Italian greyhounds seen today are Emma Lou and Kodi, which are available for adoption at Secondhand Hounds  This photo was shot at Festa Italiana!, Harriet Island, St. Paul, MN on September 24, 2011. Kathy says, "A brother of one of these Italian Greyhounds is in Tokyo, Japan."
The Italian Greyhound (also called IG or Iggy) is the smallest member of the sighthound family. IGs range from 13-15" (33-38 cm)
in size while they weigh around 10lbs (4.5 Kg).*  Sighthound vs. Scent hound   
写真のように、Italian Greyhoundの大人は、平均体長、35 cm、平均体重、4.5 Kg小さいです。キャシーさんによれば、この犬は、35 mph (56 km/h: 時速56 キロ) で走ることが出来るそうです。また、Italian Greyhoundは小さな子供が好きだそうです。写真のItalian Greyhoundは、親切な飼い主を探している犬たちです。写真のItalian Greyhoundを是非、ペットとしたい人は、Secondhand Hounds にコンタクトして下さい。実際、写真の四匹のItalian Greyhoundのうちの一匹のItalian Greyhoundの兄(または、弟)は、東京に住んでいるそうです。 
For more info on "Italian Greyhounds", check out AKC's "Italian Greyhound" page

Photo:  1 Kathy, Kathy, and four Italian Greyhounds  |  2  Italian Greyhounds 
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* Second Hounds flyer: "About Italian Greyhounds"
"Hi Kathy and Kathy, thanks for posing for our camera with the four IGs and sharing info on IGs with us. Your IGs look so cute!"
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