Lure Coursing (a sport for dogs)     日本語

Janet's dog, "Bentley" (whippet)        100814

2 Gail's dog, "Jack" (8 months old - whippet)

The Chase Begins        100819

Three Whippets Chase        100814

Three Whippets Chase (Up-Close)        100814

Whippets Chase in lure coursing 01        100816

Whippets Chase in lure coursing 02        100816

Another Chase Begins        100819

A Silken Windhound Chases        100819

A Saluki Chases        100819

We'll add more photos soon. Please check back later.

We know of
greyhound racing but have never seen a live race. On July 14, 2010, Janet e-mailed to Joe, one of our staff members,
a pic of her good-looking dog. Hmmm…This dog looks like a Borzoi? We gotta admit, “We have no clue on what kind of dog her dog is.” We learned from Janet*, one of Joe’s artist friends that her dog is a whippet and whippets race for fun. So we asked her to let us attend a dog racing event if possible. With the timely help of Janet, we were fortunate to have a chance to attend a lure coursing event. The event was held in the Dakota County Fairgrounds, Farmington, MN, on July 25, 2010. It was awesome to see the lure coursing event. In addition, we met many dog owners of the Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club and their dogs such as Whippets, baby Whippets, a Saluki, a Silken Windhound, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback at the event. It was great for us to see those dogs in person for the first time. Gail (meet her dog, Jack), Janet’s friend, generously gave us info on lure coursing and dogs, and helped us a lot during the event. Kathy and Jean also kindly showed us their dogs, a silken windhoud and saluki; we'll post pix of their dogs soon.

Yeah, now we know that lure coursing is different from greyhound racing.

Janet & we asked Gail, “How is the outcome of each race decided for lure coursing?”
Gail answered our question, “ASFA (American Sighthound Filed Association): The Sport of Lure Coursing: This page pretty much explains how everything is done.”
For info on Eligible Breeds, click
ASFA: Eligible Breeds

Janet says, “My dog is a whippet, related to the greyhound.  They are in the sighthound family and were used to chase prey and for racing.  They still race them.  I don't race Bentley as sometimes the dogs are injured racing and I wouldn't take a chance.  It doesn't happen often but still.....too much worry.”  “The whippets race for fun, there's no betting and they are all handled by their owners and are house dogs.  They get points towards field championships and titles to add to their AKC registration. Greyhounds and whippets come in all colors, some greyhounds are the same color as Bentley.  They have black, black and white, blue, brindles, cream and white to name a few of the colors. Bentley is fawn and white. Their top speed is around 37 miles per hour (mph, 59.5 km/h - kph) and at times they are airborne when running.”
Whippet World: Racing Dogs and Lure Coursing

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