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3625 130930  Inside Syria: War encroaches on Damascus with no end in sight  (CBS News Video, Sept. 30, 2013; Washington Post) 
our Syria page

3624 130930  Washington area could lose $200 million a day if shutdown occurs, economist says  (Washington Post,
By and , Sept. 29, 2013)
3591 130927  HEALTH REFORM Exchanges Will Be Cornerstone for Coverage Choices - Healthy Living - Everyday Health  (By Karen Pallarito, HealthDay News, Sept. 23, 2013; AOL)
3567 130925  "Obamacare"  Ted Cruz speech: aniti-Obamacare -  |  Ted Cruz faux filibuster goes on as Senate readies spending bill vote  (CBS News by Rebecca Kaplan, 09/24/2013)
Filibuster - Wikipedia
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare or Affordable Care Act) - Wikipedia Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act
Obamacare  (The Huffington Post)  /  Obamacare Premiums Report Shows Low Prices For Uninsured With Wide Variation  (The Huffington Post, Jeffrey Young, 09/25/2013)  /  Health Insurance 101 A Starter Course on the Affordable Care Act Veer Gidwaney  (The Huffington Post, Veer Gidwaney, 09/25/2013)

3623 130930  Debora Spar, Michelle Kwan and others share ‘The one thing I wish I knew at 17’  (Washington Post, Sept. 30, 2013)

3622 130930  NYC inmate almost as costly as Ivy League tuition  (Yahoo News,
Difference Between Prison and Correctional Facility  (
What's the difference between jail, prison, penitentiary, and correctional facility?  (Yahoo! Answers:
jail - Bing Images  |  correctional facility - Bing Images  |  prison - Bing Images  |  penitentiary - Bing Images

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