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12069 161222  The fall of Aleppo, explained in 4 minutes - Vox with a video  12/16/2016
Profile Aleppo, Syria's second city - BBC News  with videos  11/28/2016
Battle of Aleppo (2012–16) - Wikipedia
United Nations News Centre - Syria: UN approves mechanism to lay groundwork for investigations into possible war crimes  12/22/2016

8257 150116  Pentagon to deploy 400 troops to train Syrian rebels -  01/16/2015, Thomson Reuters  -   to fight the Islamic State 
BBC News - Syria's war  01/06/2015
ISIS  |  Syria

7339 141003  Photographer Captures Tens of Thousands Fleeing ISIS, Entering Turkey  -  At least 66,000 Syrian Kurds streamed into Turkey on Saturday, ...  -  National Geographic, Scott Johnson, 09/21/2014
Iraq War - ISIS


3651 131002  Prominent Russians: "Putin Should Win Nobel Peace Prize"  (Huffington Post, 10/01/2013)
3625 130930  Inside Syria: War encroaches on Damascus with no end in sight  (CBS News Video, Sept. 30, 2013; Washington Post) 
3542 130923  Walter White And Bashar Al Assad Share The New Yorker Cover - Business Insider
3427 130916  "Syria News"  Amy Davidson: On Syria, Obama Embraces Complexity The New Yorker:  Harder Answers
UN report 'clear evidence' sarin gas used in Syria - SYRIA - FRANCE 24  |  UN report finds chemical weapons used in Syria News DW.DE 16.09.2013
130914  BBC News - US and Russia agree Syria chemical weapons deal

3390 130913  "Syria News"  BBC News - Syria crisis UN report to confirm chemical arms attack  |  Dismantling Syria's chemical weapons arsenal a steep challenge - CBS News  |  UN report expected to confirm chemical weapons use in Syria News DW.DE 13.09.2013  |  Ban says Assad committed 'crimes against humanity' - SYRIA - FRANCE 24  | 
3370 130912  What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria -  |  John Boehner On Putin Op-ed 'I Was Insulted' (VIDEO)  (HUFFPOST)  |  Kerry to Russians This is not a game  (USA Today)  |  Is America really exceptional? -  | 
Syria's Arsenal Includes Tons of Sarin, VX and Mustard Gas  (ABC-gma, Yahoo)
VX (nerve agent) - Wikipedia
Sulfur mustard - Wikipedia - The sulfur mustards, or sulphur (sulfur) mustards, commonly known as mustard gas,
Chemical warfare - Wikipedia

3359 130910-0911  Camel Races & Alawites: Five things you didn't know about Syria  (Washington Times)
President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria The White House  |  Is a US-Russia agreement on Syria possible? - SYRIA - DIPLOMACY - FRANCE 24

3351 130910  "Syria News"  Russia balks at French plan for U.N. Security Council resolution on Syrian chemical arms - The Washington Post  |  France to put Syria resolution before the UN Security Council News DW.DE 10.09.2013
3340 130909  "Syria News"  Russia says it will push Syria to relinquish control of chemical weapons - The Washington Post
Assad says any U.S. strike on Syria is going to support al Qaeda - CBS News - In an exclusive interview with CBS News' Charlie Rose ...
Bashar al-Assad - Wikipedia
Charlie Rose - Wikipedia

2328 130908  "Syria News"  Obama adviser warns of consequences if Syria not punished  (LA Times)  |  BBC News - Syria chemical arms 'Global red line' crossed - Kerry  |  Kerry woos sceptical French over Syria strikes - SYRIA - DIPLOMACY - FRANCE 24   |  ‘We say no war’: Protesters across the world rally against military strike on Syria  (RT)  |  Pope Francis Leads Global Prayer Vigil for Syria
3319 130907  Videos show glimpse into evidence for Syria intervention -  |  BBC News - Syria crisis No clear winner in Russia-US G20 duel
3293 130905  John Kerry Gets No Apology From Putin In Search For Allies On Syria  (HUFFPOST)
Red-stained hands wave in protest at U.S. hearing on Syria Reuters  |  Code Pink has a morale problem It's called Democrats - Washington Times

Code Pink - Bing Images
Code Pink - Wikipedia

3277 130904  "Syria News"  No Syria action without UN, says French opposition - FRANCE - SYRIA - FRANCE 24  |  Obama Red line on Syria is the world's, not his -  |  Putin says Russia could support strike on Syria -  |  BBC News - Russia's President Putin warns US over Syria action  |  German Intelligence Contributes to Fact Finding on Syria Gas Attack - SPIEGEL ONLINE  |  Americans widely oppose Syria strike despite drumbeat in Washington — RT USA  |  United Nations News Centre - Number of Syrian refugees tops 2 million, with ‘more on the way,’ – UN agency

3269 130903  "Syria News"  Number of Syrian refugees surpasses two million News DW.DE 03.09.2013  |  G20: Wedged between Syria and finance reforms World DW.DE 03.09.2013  |  Pope Francis Calls For Peace In Syria, Announces Worldwide Day Of Fasting On September 7, 2013  (HUFFPost)  |  Obama seeks support at G20 for Syria strike, as uncertainty looms in Congress CTV News

3234 130831  "Syria News"  5 possible risks of a U.S. military strike on Syria  (USA Today)  |  Congress watches Syria risk for reasons including money -  |  President Obama says response to Syria chemical attack would be limited -  |  Merkel criticizes Russia, China for failing to work with West on Syria News DW.DE 31.08.2013   Germany  |  Russia's Putin rejects Syria chemical weapons allegations as 'nonsense' News DW.DE 31.08.2013  |  US flatters ‘oldest ally’ France after shock UK vote on Syria - SYRIA - FRANCE 24  |  Syria intervention plans fuelled by oil interests, not chemical weapon concerns Nafeez Ahmed Environment
Chemical weapon - Wikipedia

3221 130830  "Syria News"  US presses case for military strike against Syria - USA - SYRIA - FRANCE 24  |  U.S. military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria - The Washington Post -  After the scars of Iraq and Afghanistan, officers fear the potential consequences. |  Half of Americans oppose broad military action in Syria, poll finds  (Washington Post)  |  U.S. and France prepare to act on Syria despite UK no vote -

3210 130829  "Syria News"  China warns U.S. against attack on Syria -
3195 130828  "Syria News"  Strike on Syria Would Lead to Retaliation on Israel, Iran Warns -  |  Military strikes on Syria 'as early as Thursday,' US officials say - World News NBC  BBC News - Syria crisis Russia and China step up warning over strike  |  Putin to Cameron No evidence Syria chemical weapons attack took place — RT News Putin to Cameron: No evidence Syria chemical weapons attack took place — RT News  |  PressTV - War on Syria catastrophic for Middle East, harmful to US Leader  |  Germany's response to the Syria conundrum Transatlantic Voices DW.DE 28.08.2013  |  Syrian crisis lifting crude oil costs; gas prices to follow  (USA Today)  |  United Nations News Centre - In Peace Palace address, Ban appeals for political solution to Syrian conflict
Geography of Syria - Map of Syria -

3186 130827 
Syria defies U.S. claims on chemical weapons  (USA Today)  |  France ready to 'punish' those behind Syria gas attack - FRANCE - FRANCE 24  |  Hagel 'Ready to go' if ordered on Syria chemical weapons response -

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