Iraq War     2003 - 2011  "The 2003 Invasion of Iraq began on March 20"           Note: Sorry about any broken links to old articles
October 21, 2011  President Obama Has Ended the War in Iraq (The White House Blog)  ?????

From the Vault: 2002 Authorization for Military Force in Iraq - YouTube   Oct. 11, 2002
The Iraq Invasion Archive-Robert Byrd-I weep for my country - YouTube
Oct. 2002 Congressional Votes Authorizing the President to Use Military Force Against Iraq - US - Iraq War -
Robert Byrd - Wikipedia 

Bush announces the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom - Mar 19, 2003 -
Iraq War - Wikipedia

ISIS: Iraq War & ISIS, and more  |  War in Afghanistan

7686 141111  Tuesday, November 11, Veterans Day
In honor of Veterans Day, let's deal with the real costs of war - LA Times  Opinion / Op-Ed, Jean Sacndlyn and Sarah Hautzinger, 11/09/2014
War on Terror - Wikipedia  Post-9/11 Wars
Home | Costs of War
A halfhearted U.S. war effort in the Middle East - LA Times  Opinion / Op-Ed, Andrew J. Bacevich, 11/01/2014
Tuesday, November 11, Veterans Day
Post-9/11 Wars such as Iraq War  |  War in Afghanistan

7656 141107  Obama sends 1,500 troops to Iraq -  Stephen Collinson, 11/07/2014

7452 141016  Opinion: The US is facing permanent war  Deutsche Welle, Miodrag Soric / bk, 09/14/2014

7266 140926  The Unlikeliest of Coalitions  -  Can Adversaries Become Allies to Fight ISIS? - NYTimes, The Editorial Board, 09/20/2014

7151 140911  President Obama Addresses the Nation on the ISIL Threat - The White House  09/10/2014
ISIS vs ISIL - what's the difference?  WCSH6m Kacie Yearout, 09/10/2014
Obama’s War on ISIS: A Realist Relents - The New Yorker  John Cassidy, 09/11/2014
Isis - Wikipedia
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - Wikipedia  ISIL
PressTV - Obama announces expensive plan to fight ISIL

6985 140820  Islamic State promises to 'drown all of you in blood' - Yahoo News  David Ludwig, Wire, 08/19/2014
Video claims to show ISIL beheading American photojournalist - Yahoo News  Polly Mosendz, Wire, 08/19/2014

6890 140808  U.S. launches airstrikes in Iraq  (USA TODAY, Jim Michaels and Tom Vanden Brook, 08/08/2014)
US warplanes hit Islamic State group in Iraq - Middle East - Al Jazeera English  08/08/2014
PressTV - US begins airstrikes against targets in Iraq: Pentagon  08/08/2014
US aircraft strike 'Islamic State' artillery in Iraq  (Deutsche Welle, 08/08/2014)
'Airstrikes alone almost never bring long-lasting success'  (Deutsche Welle, Marcus Lutticke/tj, Editor: Spencer Kimball,08/08/2014)
Iraq War - Wikipedia

6412 140620  Abdication has a price  (Washington Post Opinions, Charles Krauthammer, 06/19/2014)
Top Iraq Shiite cleric criticizes al-Maliki, urges Iraqis to stop insurgency before too late  (Deutsche Welle, 06/20/2014)
German companies are leaving war-torn Iraq  (Deutsche Welle, Martin Koch / nz; Editor: Hardy Graupner, 06/20/2014)
Video: Kurds consolidate autonomy amid Iraq crisis  (France 24, video by Adam Pletts, Selim EL Meddeb, 06/20/2014)
Iraq Updates  Huffington Post

6324 140611  In Extremists' Iraq Rise, America's Legacy  (New Yorker, Dexter Filkins, 06/11/2014)
What We Left Behind in Iraq  (New Yorker,
Dexter Filkins, 04/28/2014)

March 20, 2013  Iraq war a decade on prophets and apologizers - ON THE BLOGS - FRANCE 24
March 19, 2013  Iraq War’s 10th Anniversary Is Barely Noted in Washington -
March 19, 2013  Iraq war 10th anniversary A dark mark for news media -
March 18, 2013  BBC News - Iraq 10 years on 'Still not at peace with itself'

October 21, 2011  President Obama Has Ended the War in Iraq (The White House Blog)

Protest the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan on the 7th Anniversary of the War on Iraq 100320  Anti-War Committee

2009: 6th Anniversary of the Iraq War   090321 March

This week 1,000 Soldiers from the 34th Infantry Division headed for Ft. Lewis, Washington. They will train there before departing for Iraq. For more info

080901 Rally and March on the RNC (Republican National Convention) 
反戦運動  Our Photos

080323 US toll in Iraq reaches 4,000  戦死兵士の数が、4000人になる

2008: 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War (Peace Vigil photos, President's Address) 080319
  Our Photos

2007: 4th Anniversary of the Iraq War (Eyes Wide Open photos, President's Address, Weekly Peace Vigil)
  Our Photos

Saddam Hussein Bio | Saddam Hussein's Wikipedia Page  April 28, 1937 - December 30, 2006

Our Photos
Flags at Half-Staff    半旗 050224 -   , in honor of the fallen soldiers  イラク戦争での戦没兵士に敬意を表し...
See Flags at Half-Staff < >

Peacemakers    Also see the note

Yellow Ribbons    See Quiz 51  English | Japanese

11458 160707     born July 6, 1946    George W. Bush  George W. Bush
George W. Bush_Biography - YouTube
43 George W Bush - YouTube
George W. Bush | The White House

George W. Bush The Night of 9-11-01 - YouTube
George W. Bush - Wikipedia  born July 6, 1946, an American politician who served as the
43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000.
Terrorism, War, and Bush 43 Crash Course US History #46 - YouTube
Presidents  |  Iraq War  |   

12667 170428   
born c. April 28, 1937    Saddam Hussein  Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein's Wikipedia  c. 1937 - December 30, 2006, the fifth President of Iraq, serving in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003.  ... 
In 2003, a coalition led by the U.S. invaded Iraq to depose Saddam, in which U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair accused him of possessing weapons of mass destruction and having ties to al-Qaeda. Saddam's Ba'ath party was disbanded and elections were held. Following his capture on 13 December 2003, the trial of Saddam took place under the Iraqi Interim Government. On 5 November 2006, Saddam was convicted of charges of crimes against humanity related to the 1982 killing of 148 Iraqi Shi'ites, and was sentenced to death by hanging. His execution was carried out on 30 December 2006.
Saddam Hussein Biography & Facts |
Saddam Hussein: Life and Execution of the Iraqi Dictator - YouTube

Presidents    George W. Bush    #43    |    George H. W. Bush    #41
Iraq War

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