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全米イベントやローカルイベントは、カレンダー 11 
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High School Football, College Football, and NFL regular season underway
NHL Regular season underway

NBA Regular season underway
Thirty-seven gubernatorial elections are scheduled for November 2, 2010.  11月2日、ミネソタを含めた37州の知事選
2010 Midterm Election Results: for example,
USA Today | Politico

Info on Hunting Seasons: 2009 Harvest and Hunters ハンテイングシーズン:2009 Harvest(しとめた数) and Hunters(ハンターの数)の情報
101128 Sunday Football  NFL  Vikings @ Washington Redskins, D.C.  ---   Leslie Frazier to lead Vikings as interim head coach    Vikings beat Redskins on the road
101128 Leslie Nielsen, comedic actor of  'Naked Gun'  fame, dies
101127 Sat. NCAA Football  Big Ten   Gophers upset #24 Iowa Hawkeyes to get the Floyd of Rosedale pig (trophy) back.
101126 Black Friday   For more info, check Calendar 11 Nationwide | 全米
101125 Thanksgiving  For more info, check Calendar 11 Nationwide | 全米   Thanksgiving special examples: Macy's Parade | Thanksgiving Classics (NFL Football Games)
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!  **Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 101124)  A female turkey perches on a dead tree branch; yep, turkeys can fly. 100710  雌の七面鳥が、枯れた木の枝の上に立っています;七面鳥は飛ぶ事が出来ます
Nature Notes (101124-1128)
101124 During the day it rained, sleeted, hailed, and snowed.  今日は、雨、ミゾレ、雹、雪と続き、悪い天候です
We're having Crappy weather today here.
101123 Nature Notes: We spotted two trumpeter swans swimming together in a lake. We also saw a muskrat, a pair of Mallards, and a flock of about 10 Canada geese flying in line formation, and several rock pigeons. 2羽の白鳥を見ました
Year 2011 is just six weeks away!
101121 Full Moon  Beaver Moon or Frost Moon  |  check out Moon Walk  (English/日本語)
101121 Sunday Football  NFL  Packers @ Vikings  Vikings got creamed.
101121 NCAA Basketball  MN Golden Gophers beat Western Kentucky, upset North Carolina (#8), and beat West Virginia (last year’s Final Four team) to  win the Puerto Rico Tip-Off tournament championship title. 

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