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Chile Earthquake (100227): Support Disaster Relief in Chile
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Census 2010
: The census has been conducted every 10 years since 1790. 今年は、10年ごとに行われる国勢調査の年です。"We filled out the forms and mailed them back before April 1, 2010."
"March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!"

Tax Time
College Men's Hockey: Frozen Four  100408-0410, Detroit, Michigan  For more info on Frozen Four, Check Letter 47 | in Japanese
College Women’s Division I Basketball Championship  100320-0406   Bracket
Round 1 &2: Minneapolis (Minnesota), Louisville (Kentucky), Norman (Oklahoma), Notre Dame (Indiana), Stanford (California), Tempe (Arizona), Cincinnati (Ohio), Seattle (Washington), Norfolk (Virginia), Ames (Iowa), Tallahassee (Florida), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Knoxville (Tennessee), Berkeley (California), Austin (Texas), Durham (North Carolina)
Regionals: Kansas City (Missouri), Sacramento (California), Dayton (Ohio), Memphis (Tennessee) 
Final Four: San Antonio (Texas)  April 4 & 6
2010 NCAA DI Men's Basketball Championship Bracket "March Madness" "The Big Dance"  For Final Four Check Letter 46 | in Japanese
NCAA Tournament "March Madness" "The Big Dance" 100318-0405
Round 1 & 2: Oklahoma City, Spokane (Washington), Providence (Rhode Island), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Buffalo (New York), San Jose (California), New Orleans (Louisiana), and Jacksonville (Florida)
Regionals 0326-0327 Midwest, St. Louis (Missouri); West, Salt Lake City (Utah); East, Syracuse (New York); South, Houston (Texas)
Final Four - National Semifinals
0404 & Championship Game 0406, Indianapolis (Indiana) 100320 Northern Iowa stuns Kansas
0331 Cesar Chavez Day: Cesar Chavez founded the National Farm Workers Association, later called the United Farm Workers (UFW)
100330 Full Moon "Worm Moon"*  *< >
100330 Ice-out occurs on
Lake Phalen & Tanners Lake (English & Japanese)
100329 Passover begins at sundown
100329 We're having a Snowless March. Unbelievable!!!   珍しい雪の降らない3月 The weather forecast is saying that this week the thermometer may hit the low 70s. 今週は、温度が、摂氏20度以上になるようです.

100328 (Palm Sunday) - 0404 (Easter)  Holy Week (The week before Easter)
100328 Palm Sunday
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 100326)  St. Patrick's Day Parade Part 2: Spectators Wait, Bagpipers Wait, Lots and Lots of Green! + Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow, Three Cute Irish Dancers, and People Hang out in front of the Bar セントパトリックス デー パレード その2
100324 Obituary  "We Hear" on the radio Actor Robert Culp dies
100323 Waxing first-quarter moon appears half full 上弦の月
100322 "We Hear" on WCCO Slumber Party at Science Museum 4th & 5th graders, Activities such as hands-on workshops about weather, astronomy, and other science topics  400人?の小学校の4年生、5年生が、科学博物館に泊り込み、科学関係のトピックを学びます。興味あるSlumber Partyですね。
100321 We saw our first great blue herons of the season. We also saw two box elder bugs.

100321 House passes Health Care Bill | Health Reform |   
Ahhhh, Spring is here!!!
Spring has sprung!

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