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Census 2010
The census has been conducted every 10 years since 1790. 今年は、10年ごとに行われる国勢調査の年です。
"March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb!"

Tax Time 
It's Lent!
100310 Obituary "We Heard" on WCCO (CBS News) 'Lost Boys' actor Korey Haim (a Toronto native) dead
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 100309)  Bobcat (Up-Close), Cougar Cub (Up-Close), and Blonde Raccoon (Up-Close), Wolves Wood and Wildlife Education Center, Camping & Outdoors Expo, Maplewood Community Center
100308 "We Heard" on WCCO   Nude Snow Woman - a frosty Venus de Milo in New Jersey   Note: "It's a snow woman. We don't think there is anything wrong with the snow sculpture." "What do you think?"
Big Ten Basket Tournament 100311-0314, Indianapolis, Indiana
Gophers' final game of the regular season 100307 College Basketball    Gophers beat Iowa Hawkeyes
100306-0314 Twin Cities Auto Show
Twin Cities Pet Expo

100306 The sun is getting stronger every day. At last, the snow begins to thaw. Spring is coming our way!
**Picture of the Week**  (Photo Gallery > Picture of the Week 100305)  Meet the Animals: Wildcats and Raccoon, Wolves Wood and Wildlife Education Center, from Camping & Outdoors Expo, Maplewood Community Center
100304 Obituary "We Learned" from  Bossa Nova pioneer Johnny Alf
dies, near Sao Paulo, Brazil
100302 "We Hear" on WCCO  "42 Degrees F!" ( 6 Degrees F) at 1:30 p.m. in The Twin Cities area   Cabin Fever - Spring Fever
The regular season is quickly winding down. 100302 College Basketball   Gophers lose to Michigan Wolverines on the road.
100224-0302 NFL Scouting Combine, Indianapolis, Indiana
Girl Scout Cookie Time

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