Spring Break USA vs. Japan March 17, 2003 (added: 050330)


Spring Break for students is around this time.  For the U of Minnesota the break started this Monday and lasts one week.  After Spring Break college students go back to school and finish the school year in May or June.

The March 16 newspaper says that the looming war and other negative news, such as high gas prices and the bad economy, wonít keep students from having spring break parties. 
Where students on spring break hang out:*

Inside the US - Panama City Beach , Florida (around 400,000 visitors over an eight-week stretch ending Easter week.  This year Easter Sunday is April 20).
Thousands more college and high school students head to Daytona Beach, Florida, Miamiís South Beach and Key West, Florida, South Padre Island (usually 180,000 college students), Texas, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Outside the US - Cancun & Acapulco , Mexico , and Jamaica

This yearís Spring Break season is spread out over almost two months rather than one.

Sources: St. Paul Pioneer Press ( March 16, 2003 )

*) It looks like hitting the beach is most common, but we are sure that some students enjoy skiing, working to make money, or doing something else.

Many web sites on Spring Break: for example, <
http://www.springbreakworld.com/   >  (050330)

Japan :

Students are done with the school year for now.  Some are graduating in March, some will go back to school in early April, or some will advance to new schools.  This break will last one month or so for college students but will be shorter for high school students, and usually there is no homework.

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