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12270 170203  Red Bull Crashed Ice 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA  Feb. 3-4, 2017  St. Paul, MN
Red Bull Signature Series - Crashed Ice St Paul 2012 FULL TV EPISODE 1 - YouTube

Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship 2012 (See our photos) アイス-クロス ダウンヒル (スケート)世界選手権大会 
10920 160226  02/26-27, 2016  Saint Paul | Red Bull Crashed Ice  Minnesota
Our photos:  Red Bull Crashed Ice  |  Red Bull Flugtag  |  Red Bull page
10738 160120  High-flying: Red Bull plans to film snowmobile stunts in downtown St. Paul | Minnesota Public Radio News

Snowmobiles on St. Paul rooftops? Yep, but you can't watch -
Red Bull 'Crashed Ice' races skate back to St. Paul | Minnesota Public Radio News
DC Shoes - Wikipedia
Ken Block - Wikipedia

8330 150123  Red Bull Crashed Ice  Jan. 22 - 24, 2015 St. Paul, MN
Red Bull Crashed Ice
World Championship 2012 (See our photos) アイス-クロス ダウンヒル (スケート)世界選手権大会
5130 140221  2014 Red Bull Crashed Ice Saint Paul Red Bull  Finals Feb. 22, 2014
Red Bull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice
World Championship 2013 Jan. 24-26, 2013, St. Paul, MN
Red Bull Crashed Ice
World Championship 2012 (See our photos) アイス-クロス ダウンヒル (スケート)世界選手権大会 
2012 series: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA - January 12-14, 2012

Red Bull Flugtag
 (See our photos): Homemade, Human-Powered Flying Machine
自分たち(素人)で作った人力飛行機で、30 feet (9 m) の高さから飛び、飛行距離、独創性、ショーマンシップを競う Red Bull Flugtag
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, July 24, 2010


2017 Red Bull Air Race World Championship - Wikipedia

Red Bull Air Race and X-Fighters on FS1 July 2, 2016

Red Bull Air Race World Championship - Wikipedia
October 2016:  Indianapolis and Las Vegas

Red Bull Air Race

12291 170210  Urban Snowmobiling in Saint Paul | Levi LaVallee - YouTube  Minnesota
Levi LaVallee's World Record Snowmobile Jump - Red Bull New Year No Limits 2010 - YouTube
Levi LaVallee - Wikipedia

8533 150217  Andy Green: The Fastest Man on Earth | The Red Bulletin  February 2015
Bloodhound_SSC  Wikipedia
Rocket Man: Land-Speed Racer Pushes 1,000 MpH Barrier [Slide Show] - Scientific American  11/05/2012

4191 131130  Fastest Flying Woman in the World  (ABC, Melissa Lustrin, 11/30/2013)
Wingsuit flying - Bing Images
Wingsuit World Championship in China (World Wingsuit League) - Backstage - YouTube
Amazing Guinness World Record 100 Wingsuits In Formation - YouTube
Wingsuit flying - Wikipedia

2170 130615  BASE jumper sets world record for highest jump  - 
Russian BASE jumper sets world record for highest jump, leaping from north face of Mount Everest  (GrindTV)  |  Valery Rozov BASE jumps from Mt Everest - Video Red Bull Adventure
our Red Bull Events page

5077 140216  Falling to Earth  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA Feb. 10, 2014
World's Highest Skydive, New Mexico, USA, October 14, 2012: Red Bull Stratos (World Record Breaking Jump videos): World's Highest Skydive - Felix Baumgartner jumped from 39,045 meters (128,100 feet, about 24 miles) and his maximum speed was 833 mph (1,342.8 km/h, Mach 1.24).

Felix Baumgartner: Supersonic Skydive 'Like Swimming Without Touching the Water' (ABC)
Skydiver jumps into stratosphere 24 miles over New Mexico (Reuters, MSN, Google) | "Daredevil Skydiver Felix Baumgartner became the first supersonic skydiver." |   our New Mexico State page

Red Bull Boston Cliff Diving World Series, Boston, Massachusetts (MA) September 2012    Red Bull Cliff Diving
Platform height: 27m

10318 151019  Watch the insane POV video that won Red Bull Rampage 2015 | GrindTV
7243 140923  Moab is for mountain bikers  Moab, Utah LeahCrane, 09/09/2014
Mountain bike - Wikipedia
Essential Mountain Biking Skills - YouTube

If Only Every Mountain Biking Video Was Shot Like This - Afrojacks.flv - YouTube
Dan Atherton MTB Enduro Racing - Four by Three - YouTube
Mega Avalanche Group 10 Qualifier 2011 from Start to Finish - YouTube
Freeride Mountain Biking in BC - YouTube
Red Bull Signature Series - Joyride 2012 FULL TV EPISODE 18 - YouTube  Whistler, BC.
, Canada
Red Bull Rampage from start to finish - YouTube  Zion National Park, Utah
Bicycle  |  Utah  |  Canada

Red Bull (Energy Drink)   


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