Here is a pair of house sparrows (fall male on the left) at the bird feeder. They are not native to North America and were imported from Europe some years ago. This pic was shot at Bloomington Visitor Center, MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge on 101126. 一対のハウススズメ、左が雄。ハウススズメは、土着のスズメではなく、ヨーロッパから持ち込まれたものです。   Sparrow Nestlings
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"Christine, Thanks for identifying house sparrows for us." She's a naturalist with the Wildlife Refuge. Note: Fall adult male - house sparrows look different from breeding ones. For some bird species, there is a big difference in plumages between fall adults and breeding adults, for example, a male "Scarlet Tanager": Red for breeding adults and Yellow-Green for fall ones*.
Field Guide to the Birds of North America (Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 1991)
ハウススズメの雄も、繁殖時期には、少し、異なった毛になります。特に、毛の色の変化の顕著な例は、"Scarlet Tanager"で、繁殖時期には、真っ赤、そして、秋には、黄緑の毛になります。

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