Photo 6b    Here is a pic of a male Northern Cardinal perching on an Ash tree branch. Lots of Ash seeds (winged seed - samara -, probably Green Ash or Black Ash*) can be seen in this photo. (Up-Close)   This pic was taken during Tammy's early morning birding walk at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary, Minneapolis, MN on October 29, 2011. Here in Minnesota Northern Cardinals are seen year-round. The name "Cardinal" came from its bright-red plumage whose color looks like the color of a cardinal's robe: A cardinal is one of the Roman Catholic officials, who are appointed by the Pope to his council, College of Cardinals**.   雄の Northern Cardinal が、Ash の木の枝に止まっています。翼の形をした種から、この木が Ash であるのはわかります。でも、Green Ash か  Black Ash* かわかりません。Northern Cardinal の赤い色が、青空を背景に美しいです。ミネソタでは、この鳥は、一年中見られます。また、この鳥は、バードフィーダーに来る鳥の一つです。Cardinal の名前は、この鳥の赤色が、カトリック教の高僧、Cardinal のローブの色に似ていることによるそうです**
Photo:  1  Frost on Oak Leaves  |  2  Frost on Oak Leaf Up-close  | 3a / 3b  Hawk Circling in the Thermal  |  4  White-throated Sparrow  |  5  Fox Sparrow  |  6a / 6b (Up-Close)  Cardinal perching on an Ash tree branch
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Stan Tekiela: Trees of Minnesota Field Guide (Adventure Publications, 2001)
** Webster's New World Dictionary

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