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Matt's "Show-and-Tell" December 29, 2010 (101229) | December 17, 2011

Hot Chocolate Walk (Winter Nature Walk) December 17, 2011
December 17, 2011 Nature Notes from Matt and Julie's Nature Walk at Arboretum  ネーチャーノート Spotted a Bald Eagle, Chickadees, Crows, Crow's abandoned nest, Didn't see the barred owl, which Matt had seen a day before yesterday. One of the walk event - attendees showed a snowy owl photo, which he had shot a few days ago or so. It was cool. The "Nature Notes Board" in the lobby of the Visitors Center also says, "A Snowy Owl was spotted at Arboretum on December 7, 2011." We've never seen a snowy owl.
spaced horizontal and vertical holes in this pine tree trunk. Yellow-bellied Sapsuckerキツツキ一種)が、サップを飲むためやサップを飲みに来た昆虫を捕獲するために、掘った穴;垂直方向や水平方向にほぼ等間隔に穴をあけます   Watch Videos
Gray Squirrels, Animal tracks (Coyotes and Squirrels)
A Leopard Frog, which was rescued from Matt's home yard yesterday.
Plants: White Birch, Eastern Hemlock, Dogwood, Ironwood, Kentucky Coffee Tree with its seed pods,
Winterberry fruits, Crabapple fruits, Highbush Cranberry fruits, Bittersweet fruits, etc.  Our Wildlife photos | our Fruits photos

Hot Chocolate Walk (Winter Nature Walk) December 29, 2010

Animal Tracks  野生動物の足跡 March 7, 2009, December 29, 2010

Killdeer's Nest; A tiny Kingbird attacks a crow at Arboretum
    ずっと体の小さい kingbird が、カラスを攻撃 
Dad Osprey carries a fish   ミサゴのお父さん曰く、男はつらいよ  :-(
Tree Swallow Nest  ツリーツバメの巣; Wild Turkey Nest 野生の七面鳥の巣 100607

Barred Owl Photos:  1  (a pair)  |  2  |  3 

Beaver's Activity & Lodge 090207 ビーヴァー

River Otters  060916 川ラッコ

A Wood Frog impaled on a twig

Garter Snakes  080920 蛇

Snapping Turtle: Nest Hole, which raccoons raided to eat eggs & Eggshell      Snapping turtle 亀の巣穴とたぬきの食べ残した卵の残骸  100625

Katydid キリギリス科;
Beehives ミツバチの巣箱; Cecropia (moth) laying eggs - Cecropia が、小さな木の幹に、卵を産み落としています  

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