Photo 4    Here is a picture of Bruce holding an over and under shotgun made by Bretta. Over and under shotguns (double-barreled shotguns) are the traditional shotguns where you manually put in the shells after every two rounds. Bretta is an Italian company and is also one of the oldest gun smiths around. For more info on Bretta, check their web site < >, whose info Chris at the Bretta tent store gave us. The pic was shot at Game Fair, Armstrong Ranch, Anoka, MN on 060820.
Shotgun 散弾銃 photos & info:   "Quiet Shotgun" info  |  1a  Wendell kindly shows us how to use his Quiet Shotgun  |  1b  Wendell teaches a kid how to use the quiet shotgun in the event  |  2  Shotgun Rack  |  3  Shotgun Safety  |  Over and Under Shotgun (Traditional) 伝統的な散弾銃で、2発撃つ度に、手で、弾を詰めます。西部劇の映画でよく見かけます | Semi-Automatic Shotguns    
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Note: "Bruce, Thanks so much for your kind explanations on shotguns."

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