"Gator on a stick" Photo: 1a / 1b (Up Close) The Kings Moat | 2 Alligator Sausage & Alligator on a stick | 3 Gator on a stick | 4 Kristi and Jenny of The Kings Moat アリゲーターの串焼き ソーセージ "Gator on a stick" Photo: 1a / 1b (Up Close) The Kings Moat | 2 Alligator Sausage & Alligator on a stick | 3 Gator on a stick | 4 Kristi and Jenny of The Kings Moat アリゲーターの串焼き ソーセージ

BBQ Ribs Photo:  1a  Ribs |  1b  BBQ Pit  | 1c  BBQ Competition Schedule  バーベキュー  リブ

Booya World Championship1a / 1b  Enjoying Booya  |  2a  SSP Jaycees Booya  |  3a  Huge Booya Kettle  |  3b / 3c  Here is "Booya"  |  3d  Stirring the Booya  |  3e  Serving  |  3f  A Bowl of Booya

Brussels Sprouts on Stalks
茎つきメキャベツ、Minneapolis Farmers Market 

Buffalo Jerky Teriyaki  
照り焼きバッファロー ジャーキー、Minneapolis Farmers Market ファーマーズ マーケット

Cranberry Sauce  ---  Cranberry sauce is part of the traditional Thanksgiving menu.

Maple Syrup   メープルシロップ

"Health Secrets of Sushi" (Yahoo video) Reluctantly Healthy 
Chef Jet says, "Sushi is easy to make. 
Seaweeds are negative calorie foods."

Wild Rice Soup in a Bread Bowl of Gourmet Soup & Let's Meet Gourmet Soup's People
ブレッドボウル ワイルドライススープ
Photo:  1  Gourmet Soup  | 2  Bread Bowl  | 3  Wild Rice Soup in a Bread Bowl 
7102 140904  Minnesota's wild rice harvest delayed into September - Star Tribune  Tom Meersman, 08/22/2014
How to Harvest Wild Rice 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Zizania | Wild Rice Restaurant
Wild Rice Brochure  University of Wisconsin - Extension
Wild rice - Wikipedia
Minnesota Wild Rice - America's Heartland - YouTube

Zucchini  ズッキーニ

15658 19071 Flour Power | Season 1 Episode 1 | Minnesota Experience | PBS
General Mills - Wikipedia
Pillsbury Company - Wikipedia
Minneapolis, Minnesota  |  Foods

15581 190618  How to Make Falafel - Crispy Fried Garbanzo Bean-Chickpea Fritter Recipe - YouTube
Celebrating Falafel  June 18, 2019 Google Doodle
Falafel - Wikipedia  ...
an Egyptian dish as well as a very famous, pseudo-national, Middle Eastern dish, that most likely originated in Egypt, and is also commonly eaten throughout Western Asia. The fritters are now found around the world as part of vegetarian cuisine, and as a form of street food. ...

15480 190506  From lab to table: Will cell-cultured meat win over Americans?  MSN < Washington Post, May 4, 2019

15414 190416  The 50 Best American Foods From All 50 States | Eat This Not That
America  |  Foods

15367 190331  best-breakfast-dish-every-state  The Daily Meal
Restaurants  |  Foods  |  America

15355 190328   Where to Find a Good Cheap Burger in All 50 States  MSN, Cheapism, 02/26/2019
Foods  |  America

15184 190211  Study links heavily processed foods to risk of earlier death Society - The Guardian  Feb. 11, 2019
What is ultra-processed food? Heart and Stroke Foundation

15092 190115 
Molasses - Wikipedia
Molasses floods Boston streets - HISTORY  Jan. 15, 1919, Boston, Massachusetts

Molasses Flood - Disasters of the Century - YouTube  Jan. 15, 1919, Boston, MA 
What Is Molasses? - How to Make Molasses Cookies - YouTube

14940 181118  Whole Foods just named the top 10 healthy food trends for 2019  FastCompany, Nov. 16, 2018

14762 181003  1 in 3 Americans eat fast food daily – but one myth is debunked - CBS News
America  |  Foods

14498 180713  Food safety alert as CDC warns ‘do not eat’ Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal - NBC News
Salmonella infection - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic


13440 171022  What is the Difference Between Sweet Potatoes and Yams? - Cooking Light

12356 170224  The 6 Worst Foods to Eat Before Having Sex and the 5 Best | LIVESTRONG.COM

12347 170222  America's New Comfort Foods  Parade
America  |  Foods

12225 170124  The 42 Best Foods For a Good Night's Sleep  MSN, Zero Belly
12224 170124  20 Foods That Keep You Young  MSN, Men's Fitness

11754 161006  10 Best Foods to Fight the Flu | MyRecipes

11711 150922  The Best Grilled Cheese in Every U.S. State - PureWow
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cheese sandwich - Wikipedia
Foods  | 

11618 160825  Best Burgers in the U.S. | Food & Wine

9757 150725  The Tastiest Soul Food Spots in the Country  MSN food & drink, The Daily Meal,, 07/24/2015
9756 150725  Words?  Soul food - Wikipedia  a variety of cuisine popular in African-American culture. It is closely related to the cuisine of the Southern United States.
To a T - meaning and origin.
Phrase "down to the t"? | Yahoo Answers

9606 150704  America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs | The Daily Meal  06/29/2015
America  |  Restaurants  |  Event Foods
9569 150630  The United Hot Dogs of America  MSN food & drink, 06/22/2015 

9568 150630  The Key to the Best Chicken Fingers Ever  Yahoo Food, Epicurious, 06/29/2015
Chicken fingers - Wikipedia

9327 150529  Enticing Edible Souvenirs From Every State in the USA  MSN food & drink, PopSugar, 05/17/2015
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9275 150522  15 Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated  MSN health & fitness,
9 Foods That Will Dehydrate You  MSN health & fitness, The Daily Meal

9271 150521  10 Food Festivals You Should Add to Your Bucket List  MSN food & drink
Spain (2), USA (2: Hawaii, Maine), India, Mexico, France, Italy, Australia, Singapore
Batalla del Vino (Haro, Spain), Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (Kona, Hawaii), La Tomatina (Buñol, Spain),
Maine Lobster Festival (Rockland, Maine)
, Mango Festival (New Delhi), Night of the Radishes (Oaxaca, Mexico),
Super Barquette (Paris)
, Truffle Festival (Alba, Italy), Tunarama Festival (Port Lincoln, Australia),
World Gourmet Summit (Singapore)

Festivals and Events | The Daily Meal

9174 150507  Dominos, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, Sbarro, and Pizza Hut: Which Pizza Is Best?  Yahoo Food, 03/06/2015
Restaurants  |  America

9093 150426  Food Therapy: 50+ Amazing Comfort Food Recipes  MSN food & drink, Delish, 03/11/2015
Comfort food - Wikipedia

9051 150419  Taste the States: 50 Iconic American Foods  MSM food & drink, PopSugar

9016 150415  10 Foods to Calm Inflammation  MSN health & fitness, Self

8989 150412  The Best Bar Food in America  MSN food & drink, Men's Health
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7284 140928  How To Cook Pork Chops - Easy Pork Chop Recipe - YouTube
How to Cook Pork Chops - YouTube
Pork Chop Recipes  food network

6499 140627  These Are the 16 Best Burritos in America - Thrillist  Dan Gentile, 04/10/2014
Burrito - Wikipedia

3922 131029  Backyard Pizza Oven  video (MSN, 10/29/2013)

6623 140710 
Explainer: Why Is Anchovies Still A Pizza Topping? - YouTube
Why do pizzerias offer anchovies?  (Slate, Brian Palmer, 03/2012)
Why don't pizza places put anchovies on pizza anymor?  Yahoo Answers
The Top 10 Most Popular Pizza Toppings (INFOGRAPHIC)  (Huffington Post, 11/12/2013)
Favorite Pizza Toppings - Top Ten List -
6608 140709  Massive school of anchovies looks like oil slick -  David Strege, 07/08/2014
Californian anchovy or Northern anchovy - Wikipedia

7264 140925  Are These the 33 Best Pizza Shops in Americ
a?  Yahoo Food, Kevin Alexander and Liz Childers, 09/23/2014
3909 131027  "Best Pizza & Favorite Toppings"
Best Pizza Places in the U.S. Food & Wine
Best pizza in the U.S. Not in NYC or Chicago, list says - CBS News  08/08/2013
Top 10 pizza restaurants in the US Fox News  09/05/2013 / Gayot
America’s favorite pizza toppings the top ten pizza preferences  (Mintel, Bethany Wall,07/13/2013)
Pizza in the United States - Wikipedia
10 Largest US Pizza Chains  (Foodista, Anthony Adragna, 06/06/2011)
pizza - Bing Images  |  Mushroom Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza - Bing Images

3926 131030  "Top Breakfast Foods"
POLL: What Americans Eat for Breakfast  (ABC News, Gary Langer, 05/17/2005)
Top 10 breakfast foods  (Daily Press, Matthew Cahill, 2013)
List of breakfast foods - Wikipedia

9080 150424  America's Best Breakfast Sandwiches  MSM food & drink, The Daily Meal
#1 Xoco, Chicago, Illinois: Chorizo-Egg Torta; #2 Hominy Grill, Charleston, N.C.: Charleston Nasty Biscuit; #3 Russ & Daughters, New York City, NY: The Classic; #4 Pork Slope, Brooklyn*, NY: McDowell’s Griddle; #5 Noble Sandwich Company, Austin, Texas: Chorizo and Egg; #6 Estela, New York City, NY: Pancetta, Egg, and Avocado Sandwich; #7 Jam, Chicago, Illinois: Egg Sandwich; #8 Meat Cheese Bread, Portland, Ore.: The Maple; #9 Eggslut, Los Angeles, California: Fairfax; #10 Taïm, New York City, NY: Sabich
America  |  Restaurants  |  Food
Brooklyn - Wikipedia


15858 190914  Eating Japan's POISONOUS PufferFish!!! ALMOST DIED!!! Ambulance - YouTube
Japanese Street Food - LIVE FUGU PUFFERFISH Puffer Fish Japan - YouTube

Info from Explore Japan Info

12353 170223  Shop this video: Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer - AOL Food

born October 11, 1844    H.J. Heinz
H.J. Heinz
How its made - Heinz ketchup -- Discovery Channel - YouTube
History of the H. J. Heinz Company - YouTube
History Heinz - YouTube
Henry J. Heinz - Wikipedia  October 11, 1844 – May 14, 1919,s an American businessman who founded the H. J. Heinz Company. Heinz Field, which is the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team, is named in his honor. ...
Heinz - Wikipedia

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  |  Foods

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