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Columbus Day                       コロンブスデー
(Second Monday in October)
Ramadan                                      Ramadan (ラマダン)
For 2004, Ramadan begins at sundown on October 15 and ends on November 12)
Daylight Saving Time                   Daylight Saving Time
(Last Sunday of October)                   (10月の最後の日曜日)
Halloween I                                      Halloween (Jpn) I                     
Halloween II                                     Halloween (Jpn) II
(October 31)   
Thanksgiving Day                             感謝祭
(Fourth Thursday of November)
Veterans Day                                Veterans Day
(November 11)
Advent                                            Advent(降臨節:キリスト(Jesus.)の降臨) 9 sec
(starts 4th Sun. before X-mas)           (クリスマスから、前に数えて、4番目の日曜日に始まる)
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day        真珠湾奇襲攻撃回想日
(December 7)  
Hanukkah (or Chanukah)             Hanukkah (または、 Chanukah)
(for 2004, 041207 041215
Winter Solstice                              冬至
(December 22, 2003)
Christmas I (Photos)       
        クリスマス I (写真)
Christmas II(True story)           クリスマス II (本当のクリスマス)

(X-mas or Xmas, December 25)
(December 26 - January 1)

New Year's Eve                                大晦日
(December 31)

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