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Daylight Saving Time Begins    March 9, 2014
St. Patrick's Day    March 17
First Day of Spring    March 20
Palm Sunday    April 13, 2014
Easter  April 20, 2014

5272 140305  Ash Wednesday    March 5, 2014
Eucharist on Ash Wednesday - YouTube  Vatican -  Pope Francis presides the Lenten Station at St. Anselm Basilica, followed by Holy Eucharist for Ash Wednesday at St Sabina Basilica in Roma.
Ash Wednesday - Bing Images
Ash Wednesday - Wikipedia
Ash Wednesday - Easter - Lent - Catholic Online

5271 140305  "Health Notes"  WHO: Daily sugar intake 'should be halved'  (BBC News,  Helen Briggs, 03/05/2014)
5187 140226  "Health Notes"  Doctor says sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine  (AOL, 02/24/2014)

5270 140305  Pencils Down: College Board Reveals Big Changes to SATs  (NBC News, Daniel Arkin, 03/05/2014)
For more info on SAT, see Letter  6  |  8
SAT Reasoning Test - Wikipedia

SAT - College Board - The Most Widely Used College Admission Exam

5269 140305  Mom shares teacher's 'brilliant' secret for fighting bullying, easing loneliness  (TODAY, Lisa Flam, 03/05/2014)

5268 140305  Doctor Oz On Top Anti-Aging Treament - Oprah's Backstage Skincare Secret - Her Anti-Aging Trick Finally Exposed!  (BeautyProducts, Celebrity Lifestyle Secrets)

5267 140305  Help patients avoid taking the wrong pill by mistake  (Washington Post Opinions, Ruth Marcus, 03/03/2014)
Kerry Kennedy criticizes Westchester County for going after 'every single' DUI, outraging families of drunken driving victims  (NY Daily News, Joe Kemp and Tim O'Connor, 03/04/2014)

Kerry Kennedy acquitted in DWI trial
  (CNN, Lena Jakobsson and Ray Sanchez, 02/28/2014)
Kerry Kennedy Charged With Driving While Impaired After Crash
  (ABC News, Alyssa Newcomb, 07/14/2012)
Kerry Kennedy - Wikipedia

5266 140305  Mr. Putin might actually believe his own Ukraine propaganda  (Washington Post, Editorial Board, 03/04/2014)
In the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. has a credibility problem
  (Washington Post Opinions, Eugene Robinson, 03/03/2014)
Ukraine is Putin’s, not Russia’s, war
  (Washington Post Opinions, Vladimir V. Kara-Murza, 03/04/2014)
President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy  (Washington Post Opinions, Editorial Board, 03/02/2014)

Ukraine page

5265 140305  Photos  Mardi Gras celebrations - The Washington Post
Photos  Carnival around the world - The Washington Post
Also see
our Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) page

5264 140305  March 3, 2014  ‘How We Die’ author Nuland dies in Conn. at age 83 - The Washington Post  AP, 03/04/2014
Sherwin B. Nuland - Wikipedia

5263 140305  Los Angeles Murders and Homicides - The Homicide Report - Los Angeles Times
Homicide Vs. Murder: The Differences
  (Yahoo Voices, Steve Thompson, 10/23/2006)
Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter |

Murder vs. Manslaughter |
California State page

5262 140305  Climate engineering ideas no longer considered pie in the sky  (LA Times, Evan Halper 03/04/2014)
Green page

5261 140305  Dove kills ad calling New Jersey 'the Armpit of America'  (LA Times, Rene Lynch, 03/04/2014)
Dove (toiletries) - Wikipedia

Unilever - Wikipedia

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