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Mardi Gras    March 4, 2014
Ash Wednesday    March 5, 2014
Daylight Saving Time Begins    March 9, 2014
St. Patrick's Day    March 17
First Day of Spring    March 20
Palm Sunday    April 13, 2014
Easter  April 20, 2014

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)    March 4, 2014  Fat Tuesday Recipes You Need To Indulge In This Year (PHOTOS)  (Huffington Post, 02/28/2014)
30 Classic Mardi Gras Recipes - Southern Living

10 Best Mardi Gras Recipes The Daily Meal
Menuism: Cajun vs. Creole: What's The Difference?
  (Huffington Post, Jay Ducote, 02/24/2012)
Rio De Janeiro Carnival's Opening Ceremony Kicks Off Party Season (PHOTOS)
  (Huffington Post, AP, 03/01/2014)
New Orleans Mardi Gras - Bing Images

Rio Carnival - Bing Images
Bourbon Street - Mardi Gras 2014 - GoPro Hero3 - YouTube

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday, French Quarter, New Orleans, 2009 - YouTube
Bacchus Parade - New Orleans - Mardi Gras 2014 HD - YouTube
Mardi Gras Festival - Enjoy 2014 Mardi Gras USA - YouTube
2014 Carnival Queen Brazil Reina del Carnaval Rio de Janeiro Leticia Brasil - YouTube
Mardi Gras - Wikipedia

New Orleans Mardi Gras - Wikipedia
Rio Carnival - Wikipedia
Also see our Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) page
5064 140215  Carnival 2014 pictures: Images from South America, Europe and the Caribbean - Mardi Gras and the end of Carnival isn't until March 4, 2014. The Carnival season begins on Jan. 6, 2014. ... ;  photos from Uruguay, Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Parati, Sao Paulo), Columbia, Canary Islands (Spain), and Italy.  (Chicago Tribune, 02/15/2014)

5260 140304  "Health Notes"  Yoga May Help Breast Cancer Patients During Radiation Therapy  (philly, Kathleen Doheny - HealthDay Reporter, 03/04/2014)

5259 140304  "Health Notes"  High-protein diets Bad for the middle-aged, good for the elderly  (LA Times, Mellisa Healy, 03/04/2014)

5258 140304  "Health Notes"  Study: Heart attack risks are higher after an outburst  (WUSA, Thomas James, 03/04/2014; Google)

5257 140304  Ellen DeGeneres' pizza delivery guy gets $1,000 tip - Reality TV World UPI News, 03/04/2014
5241 140303  Ellen DeGeneres Opening Monologue at the Oscars 2014 HD FULL - YouTube
Highlights From the 2014 Oscars - YouTube
Oscars Selfie. Ellen Oscar Selfie With Stars. Oscars 2014 #theoscars2014 - YouTube
These Are The Most Gif-Able Moments Of The 2014 Oscars  (Huffington Post, 03/03/2014)
Oscar Host Ellen DeGeneres: Why I Love the Movies  (Parade Magazine, Shawna Malcom, 02/28/2014)
5230 140302 
Too many celebrities, not enough heroes  (Washington Post Opinions, Landon Y. Jones, 02/28/2014)
Five myths about the Oscars
  (Washington Post Opinions, Nick Davis, 02/28/2014)
Oscars® Trailer Ellen DeGeneres - YouTube

Oscar Predictions 2014 - 86th Academy Awards - YouTube
Academy Awards - Wikipedia
5209 140228  Hair and makeup retro from Oscars past  (MSN, Wonderwall, Molly McGonigle)
5144 140222 
Oscar producers suit up for the big game  (LA Times, Rebecca Keegan, 02/22/2014)
Academy Awards (The Oscars)    March 2, 2014  (February or March) Movies of the Year
The Oscars 2014 | 86th Academy Awards  on ABC

4753 140116  Oscar 2014 nominations reflect a sea change in academy's attitude  (LA Times, Kenneth Turan, 01/16/2014)

5256 140304  NJ teen loses first legal battle to make parents pay for education  (Reuters, Victoria Cavaliere, 03/04/2014; Google)

5255 140304  The late Dick Clark's rockin' estate in Malibu is back on market with big discount  (Yahoo Homes, Jennifer Karmon, Spaces, 03/03/2014)
Homes page

5254 140304 
Snowstorm makes a great excuse for massive Washington, D.C. snowball fight on MSN Video  (MSN Video, Reuters, Gavino Garay, 03/03/2014)
Washington, D.C. page
World's Largest Snowball Fight - Contour Cameras - Snow Day - YouTube  Seattle, Washington
Did J-Si Break the Record for the World's Largest Snowball Fight? - AOL On  2014 St. Paul Winter Carnival, Minnesota

5253 140304   Sign of spring: Washington's cherry trees seen in peak bloom April 8-12 - " ... Despite this week's record cold in the region, the city's cherry trees are expected to reach the peak of their bloom from April 8 to 12, ..."  flower photos (Chicago Tribune, Reuters, 03/04/2014)
Washington, D.C. page
Cherry Blossom Photos from Japan:  Inuyma Catle & Cherry Trees
  |  Cherry of Four Seasons  Dec. 6, 2012
5252 140304   Chicago's top 10 snowiest winters  (Chicago Tribune, 02/25/2014)
Cold marches on -- at least until middle of month  (Chicago Tribune, Staff report and WGN-TV, 03/04/2014)

Illinois State page

5251 140304   Be firm, be patient on Ukraine  (Chicago Tribune, Editorials, 03/04/2014)
Russia–Ukraine relations - Wikipedia
China’s support for Russia’s Ukraine incursion is half-hearted, at best
  (Quartz, Heather Timmons, 03/04/2014)
China Attempts to Strike Delicate Balance on Ukraine
  (VOA News, Shannon Van Sant, 03/04/2014)
Ukraine page

5250 140304   Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says  (Chicago Tribune, Alan Zarembo, 03/03/2014)

5249 140304   $10M Gold Coin Hoard Found in Yard May Have Been Stolen From Mint (Yahoo, Dina Abou Salem and Bill McGuire | Good Morning America, 03/04/2014)  See comments on this news
5188 140226  Gold Country couple discovers $10 million in buried coins  (SF Gate, Kevin Fagan, 02/25/2014)  California

5248 140304  On Safari to Save East Africa’s Big Cats – Onward  Tanzania (National Geographic, Dan Stone, 11/09/2013) 
The African People & Wildlife Fund » Conserving Africa’s wildlife, protecting natural habitats, and promoting village development
Build A Boma

Big Cats Initiative, Predator-Proof Livestock Enclosures in Kenya’s Maasai Mara Region
  Where: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya; Grantee: Anne Kent Taylor  (National Geographic) 
Big Cats Initiative, Get Involved -- National Geographic#peace
Conservation (ethic) - Wikipedia

Conservation biology - Wikipedia
African Cats (2011) - IMDb
African Wildlife Foundation
African Wildlife Foundation - Wikipedia
Wildlife conservation - Wikipedia

African lion - WWF UK - Lions - currently found in much of Africa - are the most sociable of all big cats. There are about 30,000-35,000 lions left in the wild. Find out lions matter, what threatens them and how WWF help.
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Wikipedia

our Conservation page

5247 140304  "We Heard" on MPR on March 3, 2014  Remembering Japan's kamikaze pilots  (BBC Mews, 02/26/2014)
UNESCO World Heritage Centre

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