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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics  Sochi, Russia, February 7-23, 2014
The Nation's Largest Auto Show Chicago Auto Show 2014  Feb. 8-17, 2014
Chinese New Year  January 31, 2014 -
St. Valentine's Day  February 14th
4960 140204  February 4th  World Cancer Day

4966 140204  Drug Companies Join NIH in Study of Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus  (WSJ, Monica Langley and Jonathan D. Rockoff, 02/03/2014; Google)

4965 140204  Facebook turns 10: See your best moments in one video  (Chicago Tribune, Scott Kleinberg, 02/04/2014)

4964 140204  Watch Rare Beatles Footage From 'The Ed Sullivan Show' - 50th anniversary of the Beatles' ground-breaking performance on The Ed Sullivan Show   (Rolling Stone, 02/03/2014)
Anthony Molinaro jazzes up the Beatles, to striking effect  (Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich, 02/04/2014)
Blackbird on Vimeo
from Anthony Molinaro

4963 140204  Heroin 'epidemic' as drug grows more plentiful in U.S. [Infographic]  (Chicago Tribune, Amy Hubbard, 02/03/2014)
What is the difference between heroin and marijuana?
What is the difference between Weed and Marijuana? -
heroin - Bing Images
Heroin Before and After - Bing Images
The Future Of Legal Weed Is Bright. Here's Where It's Headed Next  01/08/2014  (Huffington Post, Nick Wing, updated 01/23/2014)
4591 140101  Colorado Stores Throw Open Their Doors to Marijuana Buyers  (NY Times, Jack Healy, 01/01/2013)
Marijuana legalization  (Yahoo)
bongs - Bing Images
smoking marijuana - Bing Images
marijuana - Bing Images

4962 140204  Chinese snap up Australia 'significant investor' visas  (South China Morning Post, Darren Wee, 02/04/2014)

4961 140204  "We Heard" on MPR  February 3, 2014  Joan Mondale, wife of former vice president, has died  (USA TODAY, Catalina Camia, 02/03/2014)
Joan Mondale, wife of former VP Walter Mondale, dies at 83 Star Tribune  (Star Tribune, Kevin Duchschere, 02/03/2014)
Joan Mondale: Collection Finding Aids  Minnesota Historical Society
Joan Mondale - Wikipedia

Walter Mondale Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
words: Hospice - Wikipedia

4960 140204 
February 4th  World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day: Share your story
  (LA Times, Michelle Maltais, 02/04/2014)
Cancer cases expected to rise by 70 percent over next 20 years, says WHO  - World Health Organization (WHO) calls for action and says treatment alone will not curb disease, emphasizing preventative care  (Al Jazeera America, Reuters, 02/03/2014)
WHO World Health Organization

4959 140204  Mark of the middle class Being able to take a family vacation  (Al Jazeera America, E. Tammy Kim, 02/03/2014)

4958 140204  Facebook, Google, others unveil national security request details  (RT, 02/03/2014)
NSA Leaks & Spying, and WikiLeaks

4957 140204  US West Coast on high alert against tsunami-washed Japanese invasive species  (RT, 02/03/2014)

4956 140204  EU, US mull economic aid package for restless Ukraine  (Deutsche Welle, 02/03/2014)

4955 140204  EU corruption 'breathtaking', home affairs chief says  Corruption across the European Union's 28 countries costs some 120 billion ($162 billion) per year -  (France 24, 02/03/2014)

4954 140204  Hackers file complaint against German government over NSA scandal  (Deutsche Welle, 02/03/2014)
NSA Leaks & Spying, and WikiLeaks

4954 140204  United Nations seeks $2 billion for struggling Sahel region  (Deutsche Welle, 02/03/2014)
Landforms of Africa, Deserts of Africa, Mountain Ranges of Africa, Rivers of Africa -  Sahel

4953 140204  Keystone Pipeline Will Impact Climate Change, State Department Reports  (Scientific America Blog Network, David Biello, 01/31/2014)

4952 140204  Don't return calls from these area codes -- it's a scam!  (Yahoo Finance, Joseph Steinberg | Forbes, 02/03/2014)

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