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St. Paul Winter Carnival, Minnesota  Jan. 23 - Feb. 2, 2014
our St. Paul Winter Carnival photo page

2014 Super Bowl - Super Bowl XLVIII -  Sunday, February 2, 2014: Denver vs. Seattle
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics  Sochi, Russia, February 7-23, 2014
The Nation's Largest Auto Show Chicago Auto Show 2014  Feb. 8-17, 2014
Chinese New Year  January 31, 2014 -

Tues., Jan. 28, 2014 9 p.m. ET  State of the Union  White House, D.C.

4894 140128  January 27, 2014  Pete Seeger dies: The folk singer's movie and TV life  (LA Times, Oliver Gettell, 01/28/2014)
Folk Activist Pete Seeger, Icon Of Passion And Ideals, Dies At 94  (NPR, Paul Brown, 01/28/2014)
Legendary Folk Singer Pete Seeger Dies at 94 - YouTube
Pete Seeger Turn Turn Turn , If I Had A Hammer, We Shall Overcome - YouTube
Pete Seeger - Wikipedia

4893 140128  Steven Seagal Praises Putin And FSB Ahead Of Sochi  (Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty , 01/28/2014; Google)
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics  Sochi, Russia, February 7-23, 2014
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics page

4892 140128  What flight attendants aren't telling you on MSN Video  07/15/2013

4891 140128  Photos: Otherworldly cold weather -- Chicago Tribune
Your weather photos -- Chicago Tribune
Illinois State (Chicago) page

4890 140128  10 Things in Nature That Are Not the Color You'd Expect  (Popular Mechanics, Laura Kinry, 01/27/2014?)

Nature photo page

4889 140128  Desktop Scanner Portraits And Other Amazing Images From This Week  (Popular Science, Colin Lecher, 01/24/2014)

4888 140128  Study: More people doing less with cars  (Chicago Tribune, Matt Schmitz, 01/27/2014)

4887 140128
  January 1, 1919  Here's What 'The Catcher In The Rye' Can Teach You About Life  (Huffington Post, 01/01/2014)
J.D. Salinger Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story -
J. D. Salinger - Wikipedia  January 1, 1919 - January 27, 2010  American writer
The Catcher in the Rye - Wikipedia
Video SparkNotes: J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye summary - YouTube

4886 140128 
The secret of dolphins' speed is not skin-deep, study shows  (LA Times, Amina Khan, 01/22/2014)
All about Dolphins  (Scholastic) Dolphins are able to swim over 20 miles per hour when they work hard.
Mammal page

4885 140128  "Health Notes"  The Top Seven Places to Catch the Flu  (What To Expect, 01/27/2014?)
Immune-System Boosters for Children  (What To Expect, 01/27/2014?)

4884 140128  Bloodhound SSC: Breaking the Sound Barrier and on to 1000 mph - on four wheels  (CNET TV, 01/27/2014)
our Car page  | Guinness World Records page

4883 140128  NSA using 'leaky apps' like Angry Birds, Google Maps to siphon user data  (CNET News, Nick Statt, 01/27/2014)
NSA Leaks & Spying, and WikiLeaks

4882 140128  Stay Tuned: The Future of TV  CNBC
The future of television as imagined by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings  (Maclean's, Chris Sorensen, 12/28/2013)
How Netflix CEO Reed Hastings See the Future: Netflix Wins, Apps Win and So Do HBO, ESPN and the Cable Guys  (AllThingsD, Peter Kafka, 04/24/2013)
Predictions: The Future of TV  CNBC
What Is the Future of Television?
  (, Scott Jones, 10/31/2013)

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