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4723 140113  Fish Leaps Out of Water and Catches Bird Midair in Viral Video  - Not what you expected, right?  (TIME, Samantha Grossman, 01/12/2014)
our Wildlife photo page

4722 140113  Labeled 'World's Ugliest Woman,' Motivational Speaker Turns Hate Into Love  (Huffington Post, Sarah Barnes, 01/10/2014)
Lizzie Velasquez - YouTube
Lizzie Velasquez
Lizzie Velásquez - Wikipedia

4721 140113  Brian Williams Hosts 'Poverty in America' - Video on  01/09/2014
50 Years After LBJ’s War on Poverty, a Call for a New Fight Against 21st Century Inequality  (Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez, 01/09/2014)
Welfare Works - New research on America’s oldest welfare program shows the virtues of giving money to the poor.  (Slate, Matthew Yglesias, 01/13/2014)
Mayor Bloomberg receives award for anti-poverty efforts City of New York  (The City of New York, 11/14/2013)
Lyndon Johnson State of the Union Address - War on Poverty (January 8, 1964) - YouTube
Lyndon B. Johnson — Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
Lyndon B. Johnson - Wikipedia often referred to as LBJ
War on Poverty - Wikipedia
Poverty in the United States - Wikipedia
Poverty - Wikipedia

4720 140113  Too little, too late Dying Kalashnikov felt guilt over blood spilled by AK-47 - The AK-47 -- short for "Avtomat Kalashnikov," or Kalashnikov's machine, and 1947, the year it went into production  (Fox News, 01/13/2014)
4477 131223  AK-47 rifle inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94 Reuters  (Reuters, Dimitry Solovyov, 12/24/2013; Google)
Inventor of AK-47 rifle Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94
  (RT, 12/23/2013)  

Mikhail Kalashnikov - Wikipedia

4719 140113  North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, Detroit, Michigan, Jan. 13-26, 2014  Detroit Auto Show
What to Expect From This Year's Detroit Auto Show - ABC News  (ABC News, AP, 01/12/2014)
Detroit Auto Show 2014 - YouTube
Michigan State page

4718 140113  Toyota Shows New Hydrogen Car In Vegas; Probably Uses Less Energy Than A Slot Machine
  (Forbes, Jim Gorzelany, 01/07/2014)  CES 2014
The Onewheel self-balancing, single-wheeled skateboard comes to CES, we take it for a spin (video)  (engadget, Alexis Santos, 01/11/2014; AOL)
4681 140109  Scary robots may be on their way, but not today  CES 2014 (Washington Post, Hayley Tsukayma, 01/09/2014) 
Photos: CES 2014 in Las Vegas - The Washington Post

4635 140104  CES 2014: 5 Tech Trends to Watch  (Mashable, Peter Rachal, 01/03/2014)
2014 International CES, January 7-10

4717 140113  2014 Golden Globe Awards Golden Globes Awards

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Host NBC
Golden Globes 2014 Amy & Tina's Opening Monologue - YouTube  NBC

4679 140109  Golden Globe Awards - Official website  HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association)   Sunday, January 12, 2014 on NBC
Golden Globe Award - Wikipedia
Sneak Peek: The 2014 Golden Globe Awards - YouTube
Golden Globe Awards 2013 Full - YouTube
4653 140106  Golden Globes: Best in movies
Golden Globes: Best in (TV) show
Information Resources: MSN
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