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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - MLB World Series: Boston Red Sox win WS; WNBA Minnesota Lynx win the title; NFL 2013 regular season underway; NHL regular season underway; NBA regular season begins

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How you can help victims of the Philippines typhoon  (Fox News, 11/10/2013)

4366 131215  "We Heard" on MPR  December 14, 2013  'Lawrence of Arabia' star Peter O'Toole dies at 81 Fox News  AP, 12/15/2013
Peter O'Toole - Wikipedia  Irish 
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - IMDb
Lawrence of Arabia, Peter O'Toole & Omar Sharif - YouTube 
Lawrence of Arabia (film) - Wikipedia

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4365 131215  Sweet! Give the Gift of Unique Local Candies  ( / dash | Good Stuff, Robin Hilmantel, 12/04/2013)  Note: To see the photos, we use Google Chrome.
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4364 131215  December 13, 2013  Friday the 13th
our Number page

4363 131215  Pope Francis: 'Marxist Ideology Is Wrong, But I Know Many Marxist Who Are Good People'  (Huffington Post, Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, 12/14/2013)

4362 131215  Relive 2013 With The Year's Most Iconic Celebrity Photos  (Huffington Post, Liat Kornowski, 12/13/2013)
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4361 131215  NASA underwater testing slimmer suits for spacewalking on asteroids (video)  (engadget, Brian Heater, 12/14/2013; AOL)  To watch the video, we use Google Chrome.

4360 131215  Techsplanations: Park Assist - Parking phobia will soon be a thing of the past:  The end of parallel parking? (AOL, Erin Marquis and Chris McGraw | AOL Autos, 12/09/2013)

4359 131215  Google buys Boston Dynamics, the Big Dog of robotics companies  (ZDNet, Jack Schofield for Jack's blog, 12/14/2013)
4276 131207  Google's Building an Army of Robots  (ABC News, Jon M. Chang, 12/04/2013)

4358 131215  Taking Prilosec And Other Antacids Long Term Can Cause Vitamin B12 Deficiency  (American Live Wire, Katana Sohma, 12/15/2013; Google)

4357 131215  FDA Approves First Device that Can Relieve Migraine Headaches  (HNGN: Headlines & Global News, Julie S, 12/15/2013; Google)

4356 131215  5 countries where people live longest  (MSN Money, Alexander E. M. Hess, Thomas C. Frohlich and Michael B. Sauter - 24/7 Wall St., 12/14/2013)

4355 131215  Sochi, a Russian city with Olympic hopes and dreams  (Washington Post, Andrea Sachs, 12/14/2013)
3617 130929  Olympic torch lit in Greece before epic journey to Sochi - YouTube  (RT, 09/29/2013)
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics  Sochi, Russia, February 7-23, 2014
Sochi - Wikipedia

4354 131215  Women who made a difference in 2013 - The Washington Post  12/15/2013

4353 131215  South Africa buries Nelson Mandela at ancestral home 'A great tree has fallen' - World News  (NBC News, F. Brinley Bruton, Rohit Kachroo and Ghazi Balkiz, 12/15/2013; MSN)
Mandela and the Politics of Forgiveness The New Yorker  (New Yorker, Jelani Cobb, 12/07/2013)

Photos: Nelson Mandela, 1918 - 2013  (Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) News, 12/05/2013)
Music for Nelson Mandela   (CBC Music, Reuben Maan, 12/05/2013)
BBC News - Nelson Mandela and his musical tributes  12/11/2013
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