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How you can help victims of the Philippines typhoon  (Fox News, 11/10/2013)

4074 131112  ScienceShot: Armadillo's Bad Eyesight Could Shed Light on Human Blindness  (Science-AAAS News, Emily Underwood, 11/11/2013; Google)

4073 131112  Why Teenagers Are So Impulsive  (Science-AAAS News, Emily Underwood, 11/11/2013; Google)

4072 131112  "Health Notes"  Depression 'makes us biologically older'  (BBC News, Michelle Roberts, 11/12/2013; Google)

4071 131112  Video - Lady Gaga Shows Off Flying Dress - 11/11/2013
4050 131111  Lady Gaga's Wardrobe Rises to New Heights with Flying Dress 'Volantis'  (Mashable, Eva Recinos, 11/10/2013)
Lady Gaga unveils ’flying dress’ at NY album fete  (NY Daily News,  Associated Press, 11/10/2013)

4070 131112  $17B U.S. Airways, American merger to go forward after settlement  (Chicago Tribune, Gregory Karp, 11/12/2013)

4069 131112  On safari in Kenya  (Chicago Tribune, Amanda Jones / For The Times, 11/08/2013)
safari - Bing Images
Geography of Kenya - Map of Kenya -
Safari - Wikipedia

4068 131112  "We Heard" on MPR  November 12, 2013  British composer John Tavener dies aged 69  (Chicago Tribune, Reuters - Reporting by Shadi Bushra and Michael Roddy; Editing by Belinda Goldsmith and Janet Lawrence, 11/12/2013)

Princess Diana's Funeral Part 20: Song for Athene by Sir John Tavener - YouTube  tribecatom, 06/19/2007
JOHN TAVENER - THE PROTECTING VEIL for cello and orchestra - YouTube  giuseppe fucci, 01/06/2013
John Tavener - 1968 The Whale - YouTube  Sir Draco Eddie, 09/05/2013 - Tavener's cantata, "The Whale" was recorded on the Beatles' Apple label as well.
John Tavener - Wikipedia  British composer 

4067 131112  "America's Tallest Building"  Willis Tower loses to One World Trade Center as nation's tallest  w/ video  (Chicago Tribune, Blair Kamin, 11/12/2013)
Photos: Willis Tower -- Chicago Tribune  11/12/2013
Photos: One World Trade Center -- Chicago Tribune   11/12/2013
our Illinois State page  |  New York State page  |  Buildings page

4066 131112  "11/12/13"  11/12/13: A good day for a wedding  (USA TODAY, Jolie Lee, 11/12/2013)
12/12/12, 11/12/13, 12/13/14
repeating dates (3 in this century), sequential dates (12 in this century)
Wedding rush is on — for Tuesday 11/12/13
  (NY Daily News, Ginger Adams Otis, 11/04/2013)
Check out our "Lucky in Love" page

4065 131112  What Type of Oil Should You Use for Stir-Frying?  ( Chinese Food, Rhonda Parkinson)

4064 131112  Robot trade fair opens in Japan - video  (Guardian, Reuters, 11/08/2013)
Nao Dances Gangnam Style - iREX 2013 - YouTube
2013 国際ロボット展 第20回(1-2)特別講演本田ASIMO超小型モビリティ研究事例と展示iREX 2013 - YouTube
東京ビッグサイトで「国際ロボット展」 アイデアロボットが集結(13-11-06) - YouTube

4063 131112  "NCAA College Football"  2013 NCAA College Football Polls and Rankings for Week 12 (Nov. 10) - ESPN
Big Ten Power Rankings Week 11 - Big Ten Blog  (ESPN, Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett)
BIG Power Rankings Week 12: Gophers trending towards the top  (Gold & Gopher, Nick Stelzner, 11/11/2013)

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