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3873 131023  Calif. Sheriff's Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old  (ABC News/AP, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat,, 10/23/2013; Google)
Friends question shooting of boy with fake rifle  (SF Gate, Henry K. Lee,  10/23/2013; Google)

3872 131023  "Deserts"
Deserts of North America  (Encyclopedia of Earth, Jeffrey Lee, Mark Dimmitt, Catherine Lee, Renaldo Arroyo, contributing author:
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 10/16/2011)
List of North American deserts - Wikipedia
Largest Desert in the World - Desert Map - GEOLOGY.COM
List of deserts in the world by area - Wikipedia
great basin desert - YouTube  |  AMAZING RZR RIDE Overlook in Great Basin Desert, Utah - YouTube
The Sahara Desert - YouTube

3871 131023  US nuclear missile officers twice left facility without closing doors  (MailOnline, Daily Mail & Associated Press reporter, 10/22/2013; Pioneer Press) 
Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) - Wikipedia
LGM-30 Minuteman - Wikipedia

3870 131023  Poof goes the middle class  (LA Times, Doyle McManus, 10/23/2013)

3869 131023  A balloon ride into near-space, price tag $75,000  (LA Times, Deborah Netburn, 10/22/2013)
World View  Watch the Experience video

3868 131023  Historic repeating itself: Famous landmarks - from Pompeii to Mount Rushmore - will be 3D scanned to immortalise them forever  (Mail Online,
Sarah Griffiths, 10/22/2013)

3867 131023  The ocean is broken  (Newcastle Herald, Greg Ray, 10/18/2013; Yahoo)
"We've never heard of anything like this article before although we've only heard there are massive amounts of plastic in the world's oceans "
Video: An ocean of plastic  (Need to Know - PBS, Vanessa Carr, 08/09/2010)
Great Pacific garbage patch (Pacific Trash Vortex) - Wikipedia
HowStuffWorks: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Marine Debris Program - Marine Debris Info: De-mystifying the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch"
Great Garbage Patch' Not So Great After All  (Discovery News, Emily Sohn, 01/12/011)
Why would there be no more fish in 40 years?  (Animal Planet, Julia Layton, 2013?)

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