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3662 131003  "History"  Top 10 Important Events in US History  (Listverse, Flamehorse,
10 Great Moments in US History  (Listverse,
Jamie Frater
Timeline of United States history - Wikipedia
LAPL (Los Angels Public Library) Teen Web Homework Help Sites Important Dates in American History
U.S. History Timeline

30 of the most important events in US-American History - YouTube  Jose Oliva, 05/14/2012
US History in 10 Minutes - YouTube  Randy King, 05/11/2011

3661 131003  5 things to love about a soft-adventure cruise  (USA TODAY, Fran Golden, 10/03/2013)

3660 131003 
The federal government shutdown: Oct. 1, 2013 -
5 things to know about the federal shutdown Thursday  (USA TODAY, Catalina Camia, 10/03/2013)

Government Shutdown
10 Effects of a Federal Government Shutdown  (US News and World Report,
, 09/30/2013)
The White House
National Park Service < >
National Wildlife Refuge System < >
U.S. Department of the Interior

3659 131003  "Health Notes"  Brain problems can linger months after ICU (Intensive Care Unit) stay  (Reuters,
Gene Emery, 10/03/2013; Google)

3658 131003  Making eye contact ‘counterproductive’ when views differ, study shows  (Fox News, 10/03/2013; Google)  |  Making eye contact can be 'counterproductive'  (Medical News Today, 10/03/2013)

3657 131003  "Dinosaurs"  Construction Worker Stumbles Across 100-Foot Long Dinosaur Fossil - Careers Articles  (AOL,
Dan Fastenberg, 10/03/2013)  Alberta, Canada
10 best places to see dinosaurs  (USA TODAY, Lydia Schrandt,, 08/13/2013)

The Best Dinosaur Museums in the U.S. Reader's Digest  (Reader's Digest Editors)
America's Best Dinosaur Exhibits Museums And Culture  (Travel Channel, Jennifer Plun Auvil)
10 of the world's best dinosaur museums CNN Travel  (Bryan Pirolli, for CNN Travel, 04/05/2013)

3656 131003  CEATEC technology exhibition (Washington Post, 10/01/2013) 
CEATEC JAPAN 2013 ( Official Website )  Chiba, Japan
CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) - Wikipedia
CEATEC JAPAN 2013 promotion video - YouTube 
(CEATEC Japan Suite, 02/07/2013)

3655 131003  "Safety & Security" Henry Konietzky Dies From Vibrio Vulnificus, Flesh-Eating Salt Water Bacteria, After Wading In River  (Huffington Post,
, 09/30/2013; AOL):  "Don't eat raw shellfish & Don't swim with open wounds."

3654 1310003  ‘Ocean girl’ completes solo row of Pacific Ocean  (GrindTV,
, 09/24/2013)
Sarah Outen - Wikipedia  British
our Guinness World Records page

3653 131003  Brazil's Indigenous Stage Protests to Demand Lands - ABC News  10/01/2013
Indigenous peoples from Brazil protest at the UN Rio+20 summit - Telegraph        Information Resources: Pioneer Press   
Indigenous people in Brazil - Bing Images
Indigenous peoples in Brazil - Wikipedia

3652 131003  "History: Orphan Train" 
'Orphan Train' project hits home for co-owner of comunications firm  (Star Tribune, NEAL ST. ANTHONY, 09/28/2013)  |  Depot event tells story of Orphan Train riders -  (Pioneer Press, Emily Mongan, 10/01/2013)      
orphan train - Bing Images
Orphan Train in Michigan - YouTube  MichiganHistory
Orphan Train - Wikipedia
Riders on the Orphan Train - YouTube  (Docubloggers, 11/12/2008)
American Experience . The Orphan Trains PBS
Riders on the Orphan Train

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