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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - Miami Heat win NBA Championship; NHL - Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup; MLB regular season underway; WNBA 2013 regular season underway; NFL 2013 regular season underway

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Minnesota Renaissance Festival  August 17 - September 29, 2013    3092 130818   
Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2012 Part 1 - YouTube  |  Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2012 Part 2 - YouTube
Armored Joust At The Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Pt. 1 - YouTube  |  Armored Joust At The Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Pt. 2 - YouTube
our MN Renaissance Festival photo page
Renaissance fair - Wikipedia  |  List of Renaissance fairs - Wikipedia

3435 130916  "Richest People"  The Richest People in America List - Forbes
The World's Billionaires List - Forbes

3434 130916  At least 12 dead in shooting at Navy Yard in Washington D.C. Reuters  | 
Navy base shooting scene home to sea command Boston Herald  |  At least 12 dead in Navy Yard shooting; possible suspect at large - The Washington Post
Washington Navy Yard - Wikipedia

3433 130916  LSU fraternity apologizes for offensive sign  (Fox, MSN)

3432 130916  "Careers"  Who's hiring (and what they pay)- MSN Money: Recovering from the Great Recession

3431 130916  World remembers four girls on bombing anniversary  (USA Today)
16th Street Baptist Church bombing - Wikipedia:
Birmingham, Alabama, September 15, 1963

3430 130916  "Health Notes"  3 germs are urgent threats to USA's health, CDC says  (USA Today)

3429 130916  Miss America crowns 2014 winner
: Indian descent Nina Davuluri, tweets flooded. (USA Today, )
3403 130915 
Miss America  Miss America Competition on ABC, Sun. Sept. 15, 2013 at 9 pm ET, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Miss America Organization - YouTube
Miss America Winners 1921-2013 - YouTube

Tattoos to Tourette's Four Miss America hopefuls to watch -
Tourette syndrome - Wikipedia

Miss America - Wikipedia
our Miss Minnesota & Miss America photo page

3428 130916  Vladi­mir Putin His many feats of strength - The Washington Post
Vladimir Putin – Personal website
Vladimir Putin - Wikipedia  Russia

3427 130916  "Syria News"  Amy Davidson: On Syria, Obama Embraces Complexity The New Yorker:  Harder Answers
UN report 'clear evidence' sarin gas used in Syria - SYRIA - FRANCE 24  |  UN report finds chemical weapons used in Syria News DW.DE 16.09.2013
130914  BBC News - US and Russia agree Syria chemical weapons deal
our "Syria News" (archive)

3426 130916  The Best Economies In The World 24-7 Wall St.  (HUFFPOST)

3425 130916  NASA-frog photobomb IMAGE: NASA cameras catch flying frog during LADEE launch at Wallops. - NASA's Frog Photobomb: "The Frog's condition is uncertain"  (Slate)

3424 130916  New Yorkers can be buried alongside pets.  (Slate)
our Pet photo page

3423 130916  Twitter top 100 most followed - Twitter Counter  1  Justin Bieber  44,564,419 followers,  2  Katy Perry  42,801,966 followers, 3  Lady Gaga, 4  Barack Obama, 5  Taylor Swift, 6  YouTube, 7  Britney Spears, 8  Rihanna, 9  Instagram, 10  Justin Timberlake

3422 130916  our Maplewood Nature Center photo page - wildlife & plants, Maplewood, Minnesota

3421 130916  The Best Yearbook Quotes...Ever  (, aOL)
Yearbook - Wikipedia

3420 130916  America’s Best Donuts  (Kitchen Daily, AOL)
our Eat page

3419 130916  7 Myths of Long-Term Care  (DailyFinance, AOL)

3418 130916  "Safety & Security"  Jonathan Ferrell Killed: Man Shot In North Carolina Was A Former FAMU Football Player  (HUFFPOST)

3417 130916  "Popular Beers"  The 20 Top Selling Domestic Beers  (HUFFPOST)
World's Most Popular Beers 'The Drinks Business' Names Top 10 Biggest Brands Of 2011  (HUFFPOST)
Top Ten Beer Brands -

3416 130916 
"Arizona Monsoon"  Watch for flash floods - Phoenix camping  In Arizona, monsoon season from July through September, flash floods
Arizona's monsoon season causing flash floods - YouTube
Flash flood Hwy 98 Page, AZ  
Flash Flood Antelope Canyon, August 12, 1997

Insane Flash Flooding, Antelope Canyon and Page, Arizona, August   

North American Monsoon - Wikipedia -
or Southwest United States monsoon, the Mexican monsoon, or the Arizona monsoon
Monsoon - Wikipedia

our Weather page  |  Arizona State page

3415 130916  Check out our Groundhog and Live Mermaid photo

3414 130915-0916  5 Quick Tips for Dealing With Floodwaters - Popular Mechanics
Flash flooding swamps Colorado Pictures - CBS News
Colorado Flooding Rain Threatens Rescues - Rescues over Rushing Water
our Weather page

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