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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - Miami Heat win NBA Championship; NHL - Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup; MLB regular season underway; WNBA 2013 regular season underway; NFL Training Camp

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3041 130814  Obon holiday exodus begins at Narita airport ‹ Japan Today Japan News and Discussion
National holidays in Japan
Bon Festival - Wikipedia
Tōrō nagashi - Wikipedia  |  Spirit Boat Procession - Wikipedia
our Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival photo page  |  Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival August 18th « Como Park Zoo and Conservatory  August 18, 2013
Explore Japan Info

3040  130814  British cat DNA database helps convict killer  (Seattlepi, Goggle)  |  Cat DNA snares killer David Hilder after hair was found on victim David Guy's dismembered body Mail Online

3039 130814  Wealthy people are less likely to retire, report says -

3038 130814  Amid shortage, Chipotle changes rule on beef antibiotics -

3037 130814  Your food photos -

3036 130814 
Here's The Law That's Driving Record Numbers Of Americans To Renounce Their Citizenship - Yahoo! Finance
FATCA Makes US Expats Banking Outcasts - iExpats

3035 130814  August 10, 2013 
“FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!” STAR HAJI DEAD - The National Enquirer  |  Canadian cult actress Haji dies at 67 - Arts & Entertainment - CBC News
Haji (actress) - Wikipedia
Haji - IMDb
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Opening - YouTube

3034 130814  August 12, 2013  Kim Jong Un inspects North Korea’s first smartphone, an Android clone  (Washington Post)

3033 130814  Zachary Reyna, Florida Boy, Fighting Brain-Eating Amoeba (VIDEO)  (HUFFPOST, AOL) -
 ... The center recommends diminishing risk by limiting water contact with nose (hold nose shut, use nose clips, or keep head above water), avoid water-related activities in warm freshwater during periods of high water temperatures and low water levels, and avoid stirring up bottom sediment in shallow, warm freshwater areas.

3032 130814 
Tiger, Brahmaputra Valley, India  from National Geographic "The Photo of the Day" July 31, 2013.   A tiger's stripes leave it well camouflaged among tall grass in India's Brahmaputra Valley. Hunted to death in much of the rest of the country, the valley and Kaziranga National Park provide shelter.

3031 130814  Korea constructs road that wirelessly charges moving electric buses - Yahoo! Autos

3030 130814  Eye-trackers help scientists study how peacock tails lure peahens - The Washington Post
peacock - Bing Images
peahen - Bing Images

3029 130814  Io's Surface Under Construction "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA August 4, 2013  ...
Io's surface is constantly under construction. This moon of Jupiter holds the distinction of being the Solar System's most volcanically active body -- its bizarre looking surface continuously formed and reformed by lava flows.

3028 130814  Moon Over Andromeda "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA August 1, 2013

3027 130814  Population growth challenges poor nations Globalization DW.DE 10.08.2013

3026 130814  'Fifty Shades' author No. 1 on Forbes list of top earners - LITERATURE - FRANCE 24  |  E.L. James $95 million - In Photos The Top-Earning Authors Of 2013 - Forbes
E. L. James - Wikipedia  England

3025 130814  Monsanto’s SmartStax maize ‘to be approved for growth in October’ in EU — RT News
Genetically modified organism (GMO) - Wikipedia
Genetically modified crops (GM crops) - Wikipedia

3024 130814 
Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Bing Images
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - YouTube  |  Cuyahoga Valley National Park in My Ohio - YouTube  |  Summer Morning in The Cuyahoga Valley National Park - YouTube  |  'Cuyahoga Valley National Park - YouTube  | 
Cuyahoga Valley National Park - Wikipedia

our National Park page  |  our MN & WI Park and Nature Center page

3023 130814  August 14, 1945 U.S. (August 15, 1045 Japan)  September 2, 1945 
August 15, 1945  Victory in Japan (V-J) Day Video —
Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day) - Wikipedia

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