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2849 130801  Robots for Pensioners DW.DE

2848 130731 
Incredible footage of massive waterspout  video on CNN
Waterspout - Wikipedia
our Weather photo page

2847 130731  Teen dating abuse is common and complex, studies say  (USA Today)
2846 130731  Study Monogamy may have evolved to prevent infanticide  (Science Recorder, LA Times, Google)

2845 130731 
Runaway Greenhouse More Likely to Occur on Earth than Previously Believed  (University Herald, Google)
Runaway greenhouse effect - Wikipedia

2844 130731  "Health Notes"  New Evidence That Breastfeeding May Boost Babies IQ - See The Video  (Forbes, Google)

2843 130731  "Health Notes"  West Nile, EEE viruses show up in Amherst and Northampton people over 50 and under 15 at highest risk  (GazetteNet, Google)

2842 130731  Photos The 2013 International Best-Dressed List  (Vanity Fair, MSN)

2841 130731  Riot after US Open of Surfing  Firefighter accused of role in Calif. riot after surf contest  (video on NBC, MSN)
Also see 2809 130729  Huntington Beach riot bike shop workers fought off looters -
US Open of Surfing 2013 Huntington Beach, California
U.S. Open of Surfing - Wikipedia

2840 130731  Student 'forgotten' in DEA jail to get $4.1 million  (NBC, MSN)  |  Daniel Chong, forgotten in DEA cell, settles suit for $4.1 million - video on CNN
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
2839 130731  Ellipses: Why so common? What are they really for?  (Slate, Washington Post) - Why everyone and your mother started using ellipses ... everywhere.

2838 130731  Saving Energy  L.A. start-up's plasma lights help turn film and TV shoots green -

2837 130731  Apple's iPhone 5S WILL have a fingerprint scanner that could stop other people accessing the phone  (Mail Online, Yahoo)

2836 130731  Awkward Years Project  (Tumblr, Yahoo)  Remember your awkward years? You're not alone; a new project captures images of attractive adults holding photos of less-gorgeous younger selves. Look at her now.

2835 130731  Car maker unveils vision for 'manly' baby buggy -

2834 130731  Mars Once Had Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere  (VOA)

2833 130731 
Copper theft 'like an epidemic' sweeping US - Yahoo! Finance

2832 130731  Wagner vs. Verdi - Washington Post - Its a question that has long prompted heated arguments among devoted opera fans: Who was the greater composer, Richard Wagner or Giuseppe Verdi? Both were born 200 years ago, and so in this year of their bicentennials ...
Verdi or Wagner - Telegraph
Concert Hour: Happy birthday, Richard Wagner!  (Deutsche Welle)
Richard Wagner - Wikipedia    22 May 1813  13 February 1883, Germany
Giuseppe Verdi - Wikipedia    10 October 1813  27 January 1901, Italy

2831 130731 
July 28, 2013  Eileen Brennan, who starred in 'Private Benjamin,' dies -
Eileen Brennan - Wikipedia

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