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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - Miami Heat win NBA Championship; NHL - Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup; MLB regular season underway; Friday, May 24, 2013, WNBA 2013 regular season underway

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2705 130722  TEPCO Fukushima nuke plant radioactive water into sea likely - AJW by The Asahi Shimbun  (Japan)

2704 130722  Miley Cyrus Admits To Singing About Molly On 'We Can't Stop'  (HUFFPOST, AOL)  ... "Then I'll give you an edit. I just think the world is so lame because you can shoot people in a movie and you can let people like [George] Zimmerman off on trial but you can't have someone going like this [she stimulates oral sex gesture], that is so dumb to me," Cyrus explained. "The world is such a f--ked up place the last thing people need to worry about is my cute little video for 'We Can't Stop,' you know what I mean?"
“Molly,” Powder or Crystal Form of MDMA, is Popular at Music Festivals The Partnership at
MDMA - Wikipedia

2703 130722  Look: Cassini Photographs Earth From Deep Space - SKYE on AOL - From 900 million miles away, Earth looked like a tiny speck of light

2702 130722  Fisherman rescued after huge tuna capsizes boat, drags him underwater  (GrindTV, Yahoo) - A fisherman in Hawaii is lucky to be alive after the 230-pound ahi tuna he was fighting pulled him overboard, capsizing his 14-foot fishing boat and dragging him underwater when his ankle got caught up in the fishing line.

Yellowfin Tuna - Bing Images  most likely 'ahi tuna'
Yellowfin tuna - Wikipedia
Tuna - Wikipedia

2701 130722 
Procedure Could Reverse Common Form of Blindness  (VOA, Google)  3D culture methods

2700 130722  Diver Mauled in Squid Attack Man-Eating Super Squid - YouTube  (Animal Planet, MSN)  Kraken Attack
Kraken - Wikipedia

2699 130722  "Health Notes" 
Falling TVs send a child to the ER every 30 minutes  (Today, MSN)

2698 130722 
Dogs Can See in Color  (Paw Nation, AOL)
our Dog Photo page

2697 130722 
Happy Armpits4August! Here's Why These Women Aren't Shaving For A Month  (HUFFPOST, AOL)

2696 130722  Royal Baby  "IT'S A BOY!" "
Congratulations to Price William and Kate Middleton!!"  Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William have welcomed a baby boy on Monday, July 22.  Town crier announces royal baby's arrival News  (Click2Houston) |  Postcard 'The Great Kate Wait' is over, sort of! Europe DW.DE 23.07.2013  |  Royal baby Duchess Kate admitted to hospital in labor -  |  Kate Middleton Labor Duchess Of Cambridge Goes Into Labor With Royal Baby  (HUFFPOST)  |  Royal baby Kate admitted to hospital for birth – live coverage UK news - Royal baby: Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a boy – as it happened 

2695 130722  July 22, 2013  'Law and Order' star Dennis Farina dies at 69 --   |  'Law & Order' star Dennis Farina dies at 69, publicist says Fox News
Dennis Farina - Wikipedia

2694 130722  Photos of the day - The Washington Post

2693 130722  Police identify woman who survived Chesapeake Bay Bridge car plunge - The Washington Post
How to escape a car underwater - The Washington Post

2692 130722  Movies  'The Conjuring' steamrolls 'R.I.P.D.'; Maria Bartiromo in play -
The Conjuring (2013) - IMDb
Turbo (2013) - IMDb
Red 2 (2013) - IMDb
R.I.P.D. (2013) - IMDb
Movie Box Office Highest Grossing Movies - Yahoo! Movies

2691 130722  Pope Francis dispenses with formalities on first overseas trip -
World Youth Day (WYD) 2013 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

2690 130722  Nature Walks: We often visit the Maplewood Nature Center, Maplewood, MN, to walk the trails.
Check out our Maplewood Nature Center photo page

2689 130722  July 21, 2013 
Chris Froome wins the 100th Tour de France - The Washington Post  |  British cyclist Chris Froome wins 100th Tour de France - FRANCE 24

Also see 2448 130705 
Tour de France 2013, France < http://www.letour.frLetter 165 | レター 165 
Tour de France - Wikipedia
Tour de France to celebrate its 100th anniversary - YouTube
The greatest show on Earth Celebrating 100 years of the Tour de France - Cycling - Sport - The Independent
Lance Armstrong attack on Mt. Ventoux 2000 Tour de France - YouTube
Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping Video - ABC News  Jan. 17, 2013
Bicycle Festival - Nature Valley Grand Prix photo

2688 130722  World's Best Hikes 20 Hikers' Dream Trails - National Geographic

2687 130722  A Waterspout in Florida  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA July 17, 2013 

our Weather photo page

2686 130722  The Moon from the Soviet Union's Zond 8  - The Zond 8 circled the Moon in October of 1970  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA July 16, 2013

our Moon photo page

2685 130722  America's Best Steakhouses The Daily Meal  (HUFFPOST, AOL)

2684 130722  "We often Hear"  How safe is a roller coaster  (USA Today)  |  Loose rules leave Six Flags to investigate itself for park death - LA Times  |  Six Flags Over Texas Witnesses Shocked Over Roller Coaster Death - ABC News  |  Six Flags Roller Coaster Death Investigators Probe Fatal Ride As Witnesses Speak Out In Texas  (HUFFPOST) 

2683 130722  Photos by Gus Petro If Manhattan were nestled in the Grand Canyon - Yahoo! Homes

2682 130722 July 19 - 21, 2013  Middle Eastern Festival 2013   West St. Paul, MN
St. George Church West Saint Paul Minnesota Middle Eastern Festival.avi - YouTube  |  Middle Eastern Festival Part1 - YouTube  |  Middle Eastern Festival Part2 - YouTube

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