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Health Tip of the Day  |  ESPN The Worldwide Leader In Sports - Miami Heat win NBA Championship; NHL - Chicago Blackhawks win Stanley Cup; MLB regular season underway; Friday, May 24, 2013, WNBA 2013 regular season begins
Please Help Oklahoma tornado victims  How to help Oklahoma tornado victims - U.S. News (NBC)  |  How to help Oklahoma tornado victims - The Washington Post  |  How To Help Oklahoma After Tornado Devastates Area  (Huffington Post)

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June 29, 2013  "Can't believe half of the year is almost over. What have you achieved so far?  ... another six months to go before 2013 ends."

2401 130629-0630  DOMA  In San Francisco, gay couples rush to tie the knot -  |  Gay marriage opponents ask Supreme Court to reimpose California ban -  |  For gay marriage, the battle now moves to the states - The Washington Post  |  Lady Gaga Sings the National Anthem at NYC Gay Pride Rally - Video Rolling Stone
Also see 2350 130626  Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act - The Washington Post  |  The Supreme Court struck down DOMA. Here’s what you need to know
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) - Wikipedia
Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) - Wikipedia

2400 130629  Hummingbirds - Hummingbirds are the smallest bird species in North America.  Hummingbird nest cam,mama feeding baby and baby goes poop,2-3-13 - YouTube
A Hummingbird egg 
Hand feeding Hummingbirds - YouTube
our Hummingbird photo page

2399 130629  Beads do the darndest things (VIDEO) - Yahoo! News :  The gravity-defying mystery of Newton's beads (a bizarre behavior of self-siphoning beads, also known as Newton's Beads)  |  Newton's Beads - Cool Science Experiment - YouTube

2398 130629  Perigee's Full Moon  - Super Moon  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA June 22, 2013        Greece

2397 130629 
A Supercell Thunderstorm Over Texas  "Astronomy Photo of the Day" by NASA June 18, 2013 

2396 130629  NSA Leaks & Spying  Latest US news, world news, sport and comment from the Guardian The Guardian  |  Edward Snowden has not weakened president, says Susan Rice World news  |  Edward Snowden´s next stop CCTV News - CNTV English  |  Edward Snowden's father seeks to broker deal with U.S. for son's return -
NSA Leaks & Spying page

2395 130629  Optical Storage  Breakthrough in Data Storage Fits 1,000 Terabytes on a Single DVD Science

2394 130629  8 Surprisingly Poisonous Foods We Eat - Yahoo! Shine

2393 130629  BET Festival a showcase for a new L.A. vibe -
Celebrities, Music, News, Fashion, Entertainment, TV Shows and Video BET  |  BET Awards Shows BET
BET Awards - Wikipedia

2392 130629  "Health Notes"  'Reverse vaccine' for Type 1 diabetes seems to pass human test -
Diabetes mellitus type 1 (as know as type 1 diabetes)  - Wikipedia
Diabetes mellitus (or simply diabetes) - Wikipedia

2391 130629  Student Loan Interest Rates  Getting Ready for Student Loan Rates to Double on Monday - ABC  |  Should Congress Allow Student Loan Interest Rates to Double? - US News and World Report  |  Congress punts on student loan interest rates -
Student loans in the United States - Wikipedia

2390 130628  Obama Seeks to Play Down Snowden’s Import -  |  The Army really doesn't want soldiers reading about the NSA leaks - The Week  |  Al Qaeda Changing Tactics After NSA Leaks  (Huffington Post)  |  Gen. Alexander NSA leaks hurt anti-terrorism efforts - The Washington Post
Russia promises legal action over NSA surveillance scandal — RT Russian politics  |  US sources claim China and Russia got access to Snowden's computers — RT USA Global Times Special Coverage Edward Snowden
NSA Leaks & Spying page

2389 130628  Europe's Youth Unemployment  PressTV - Youth unemployment problem number one across Europe  |  Five Myths About Europe's Youth Unemployment Crisis - Businessweek

2388 130628  Zimmerman Case    George Zimmerman trial Defense grills Trayvon Martin's friend on her account of phone conversation - Crimesider - CBS News  |   5 things to know about the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin saga -
Shooting of Trayvon Martin - Wikipedia

2387 130628  Three Parent Baby  Babies with three parents could soon be born in Britain through controversial new IVF treatment - NY Daily News 
World's First Three Parent Baby May Be British - YouTube

2386 130628  June 26, 2013  Abortion Bill  Three Things Wendy Davis Accomplished With Her Abortion Bill Filibuster - ABC  |  The Wendy Davis Rocket Ride It's All Politics NPR  -  Overnight, Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis became a national political name and a hero to abortion-rights supporters around the country.  |  Wendy Davis From teen mom to Harvard Law to famous filibuster -
Perry renews Texas abortion battle with special session -
Filibuster - Wikipedia

2385 130628  Is Google a safer bet than Apple - The Washington Post

2384 130628  3-Country Visit to Africa  Rare Visit Underscores Tangles in Obama’s Ties to Africa -  |  Obama in Africa too little, too late - FRANCE 24  /  Obama in Africa too little, too late (part 2) - FRANCE 24

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